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Doctor Creates Unique Houses For Seniors To Still Live Independently

After decades of hard work, the elderly are usually looking forward to enjoying their final years in peace. But as these seniors get up in age, they may start having a more difficult time taking care of themselves completely on their own. Adult children find themselves having to decide between taking their parents in or putting them in a nursing home. This doctor has developed another great option that may work for everyone!

Senior Problems

Even though seniors are up in age and may need some in-home assistance, many of them don’t like being coddled. Especially by their own kids. And while not all nursing homes have this issue, there have been many horror stories about how staff sometimes mistreat the elders in these facilities. But, if they need the help, where can these elderly people turn?

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The Perfect Idea

Dr. Kenneth Dupin saw this as an issue too, and wanted to help seniors stay close to their families without everyone being on top of each other. So he developed the idea of tiny homes for them! Calling them “granny pods,” the homes are small but mobile, allowing relatives to park a small house in the backyard. And they’re actually pretty cool inside!

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An Inside Look

A typically “granny pod,” also known as a MEDCottage, is only about 400 square feet. All you have to do is park one in a backyard and hook it up to the main home’s water and electricity. Everything is on one floor, including the senior’s bed, kitchen, sitting area, and even a laundry machine! There are also high ceilings and plenty of space for the elderly resident to move around on their own. Some even have an additonal room for a caretaker.

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Sense Of Independence

What’s great about the MEDCottage is that it still gives seniors a feeling of independence. Even if they are in their family’s backyard, they still have a place that they can call their own. They can decorate it however they want, move around, and even invite some of their own friends over. Seniors can live on their own while help is not too far away…

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A Safe Environment

What’s even better is that adult children will be able to watch over their parents from a safe distance. If anything does happen to go wrong, there are webcams in each of the cottages that the children can supervise. There are also defibrillators, rails, and first aid kits in the home as helpful aids. The MEDCottage can be rented for $750 a month or bought for $85,000 to $100,000. The price is worth it for the peace of mind!

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