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This Woman Turned Her Apartment into a Rainbow Wonderland

Amina Mucciolo is wowing the internet after she turned her Los Angeles home into a beautiful “Cloudland”, as she calls it. She shares the downtown rainbow apartment with husband Salvatore.

The creative Mucciolo’s DIY attempt to turn her 650-square-foot loft into a rainbow-inspired wonderland proved to be successful, as more and more people who get to see her work of art are enchanted by the wonderfully vivid mixture of colors on her walls, ceilings, furniture, carpet and home accessories.

She shared: “We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.”

The 34-year-old artist turned her otherwise plain apartment into a rainbow paradise on her own, redecorating every single inch of her living space completely. And she completed her project without breaking the bank.

After she bought the chairs, couches, cabinets and other furniture, she went to work tweaking and customizing them into what she envisioned in her mind’s eye.

Everything in her home is colorful, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room.

Mucciolo said she sets the scene and ambiance of her rainbow apartment according to the current seasons. When it was Spring, when the photos were taken, she accessorized the ceiling with hundreds of multicolored paper cranes, and the floor with a whimsically designed rug.

The ‘rainbow lady’, as she is now fondly called by many, said:  “There’s something about what happens in spring, the holidays, the colors, that fresh feeling of happiness. It’s so inspiring for me.”

Initially, her husband was not into the colorful concept. Nonetheless, she carried on with her bold idea and the results have been incredibly positive. Even Salvatore loves her artwork so much that he is currently in the process of creating a book that will showcase the uniquely colorful Wonderland that is their home.

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