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This Unlikely Animal Pair Travels The World Together And Their Photos Are Incredible

Cats and dogs are often portrayed as strong enemies ready to fight, but not this adorable pair! This kitten and dog animal pair have a close friendship and spend a lot of time together. They even travel all over the world with their owners, taking incredible photos of their hiking and climbing adventures.

A New Fur Baby

In 2014, Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend began the search for a new dog. They went to an adoption fair where they came across a lovable pup named Henry. The dog was extremely comfortable with Cynthia, and she fell in love with him right then and there. She and her boyfriend adopted him, adding the dog as their new hiking buddy.

Instagram / Henry The Colorado Dog

Little Mountain Goat

Cynthia and her boyfriend didn’t wait too long before they took Henry on a hike. “I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike,” Cynthia shared. “Though Henry was only 14 weeks old, he quickly adapted to hiking. In fact, “he found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge.” That’s why they started calling him their “little mountain goat.”

Instagram / Henry The Colorado Dog

A Lovable Kitten

A few months after adopting Henry, Cynthia and her boyfriend decided they wanted to extend their family. This time they would adopt a shelter kitten, but they needed to find one who would love hiking and traveling as much as the rest of the family. After researching for months, the couple found Baloo, a Siamese kitten mix. He loved Cynthia, but there was someone else he gravitated to even more.

Instagram / Henry The Colorado Dog

An Unbreakable Bond

Baloo surprisingly connected with Henry right from the start. Cynthia says that though the two are like brothers, Baloo probably thinks that Henry is his mother. Nonetheless, this animal pair love to play and cuddle together. What’s even better is that Baloo refuses to be left behind during the family’s trips.

Instagram / Henry The Colorado Dog

Unforgettable Adventures

Cynthia and her boyfriend take their special animal pair out on hikes regularly. Baloo loves the outdoors and hiking with his best friend, and he and Henry often pose for awesome pictures during their trips.  Cynthia even shares photos of the two on Instagram, showing that cats and dogs can actually get along.

Instagram / Henry The Colorado Dog

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