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These Useful Life Hacks Are Going To Change Your Life For The Better

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The internet is full of life hacks and DIY projects to use around the home, office or life hacks to make you more beautiful and confident in life. Usually, we are focused so much on the bigger picture that we forget the small things in life that can be fixed to make living life a breeze. That’s why life hacks exist! There are millions of incredible life hacks out there that you’ve probably never even heard about! We’ve searched the web to find the most interesting and useful life hacks just for you. Read on to learn about the life hacks that will be certain to improve your life.

1. Black Pepper Life Hack

If you’re tired of your clothes fading and looking dull after a few washes, all you need is a spoonful of black pepper. Yep, you heard us right. Putting a spoonful of black pepper in the washing machine (along with your laundry detergent) will make your clothes look brighter and more colorful.

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Generally, your clothes look faded due to residue leftover from your laundry detergent, but if you put in some black pepper, that doesn’t happen. The pepper works like sandpaper, exfoliating your clothes while they’re in the wash and ensuring that no soap remains on them afterward. What a great life hack!

2. Aluminum Foil Hack

Why would anyone wrap themselves in tin foil you ask? It’s not just to keep the aliens out of your brainwaves. It can actually ease pains and many other ailments. Supposedly, the metal foil can help open energy pathways in your body called meridians.

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Opening the energy pathways can reportedly alleviate pain and speed up healing time, according to many Chinese and Russian physicians. It can alleviate muscle pain, symptoms of the flu, soothe burns and eliminate many skin-related issues. Who would have guessed aluminum foil could be so handy…

3. Egg Yolk Colors

Can you identify which of these eggs is the best tasting or what the color and size of the yolk say about the health of the chicken it came from? Well, get ready to find out just what it all means.

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Turns out, the darker, rounder, thicker yolks are the tastiest and come from the healthiest chickens. The lighter yolks mean that the chicken your egg came from has most likely never seen sunlight. So out of these three eggs, the one on the far left would be the best.

4. Cleaning The Washing Machine

It might not be apparent to everyone, but sometimes you need to clean out your washing machine. The damp and dark environment is perfect for bacteria to fester and for the washing machine to start smelling bad. And who wants that?

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DIY Natural

All you need to do in order to clean your washing machine is to place baking soda and vinegar in the machine instead of detergent and turn the machine on (make sure its empty). After a cycle of the baking soda and vinegar, your machine will be squeaky clean.

5. DIY Phone Blacklight

Did you know you can turn your phones flash into a black light with just a few simple household items? All you need is clear tape, a black marker, and a purple marker. It’s that simple to turn your phone into a cool blacklight.

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Just place a piece of clear tape over the flash and color it blue with a marker. Let the ink dry and do it again, then place a third piece of tape over the flash but this time color it purple. Cover again with clear tape and the result will be a black light.

6. The Aroma of Lemons

Lemons are a powerful fruit that can be used for a number of purposes. One woman decided to leave a cut lemon next to her bed every night and the reason why will surprise you! It turns out the antiseptic properties of the lemon’s aroma can actually affect your mood.

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Leaving a cut lemon near your bed every night can improve your mood, which is great for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Cut the top off a lemon then partially section it. Place it in a bowl and enjoy!

7. Yellow Teeth?

There’s no reason anymore to buy those expensive teeth whitening kits. Just use this incredible life hack for next to nothing. The only item you’ll need is activated charcoal capsules and a spare toothbrush for brushing to achieve that perfect smile.

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Just wet your toothbrush, pop open one of the capsules, put the charcoal on the toothbrush and brush your teeth like you normally would. It’s recommended to be cautious when opening the capsules because the charcoal can easily go everywhere and it will stain clothes.

8. Banana Peel

Bananas are delicious, but what do you do with the banana peel? Just throw it out? If you are, then you’re making a big mistake because banana peels are very useful in keeping your face clean, healthy and looking good. With this hack, not only do you get a healthy snack, but your face will be looking great.

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Tips en Weetjes

Rubbing a banana peel on your face can help clear up acne, moisturize your skin, feed it vital nutrients and even protect against wrinkles. You can use the banana peel treatment as part of your daily face cleaning regimen or as spot control.

9. Boiling Foil

This life hack gives you a quick and easy way to clean your silver cutlery, and all you need is some aluminum foil and baking soda. It might seem odd, but it works! Just fill a pot with water, add some baking soda and a crumpled up piece of aluminum foil.

Life Hacks

Tips and Tricks

Let the water come to a boil, then just add the silver cutlery that needs cleaning. Just make sure that the silverware is touching the aluminum foil and before you know it, your silver cutlery will be shining like new.

10. Tea Trick

People who don’t own a dish washer will really appreciate this next life hack. Best thing is, all you need is some tea. Tired or scrubbing all those dirty dishes in your sink for what seems like an eternity? Well, now you don’t have to!

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Just fill your sink full of dirty dishes with water and add three tea bags to the mix. After letting it sit overnight, the tea will break down the grease, making your dishes super easy to wash without all that scrubbing.

11. Listerine Pedicure Life Hack

People commonly wear out their feet without ever thinking about how to take care of them and give them a little treat. Your feet take a real beating throughout the day, so take good care of them while you still can! One woman discovered a quick and easy way of taking care of her feet.

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Give them a Listerine foot soak! For this you’ll need half a cup of mouthwash containing alcohol, half a cup of vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Not only will they be minty fresh and smelling amazing afterwards, they will also be softer and smoother. The Listerine will help get rid of dead skin, calluses and dry, cracked skin. You’re welcome.

12. Banana Needle Pricking

This life hack is certainly for the banana connoisseurs searching for the perfect way to slice their favorite food. All you need is a needle or pin, you insert the pin and wiggle it from side to side. Then you just repeat the same process every inch or so.

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When you peel the banana, it will miraculously come out already cut into slices! Or you could just cut the banana the old-fashioned way. Or eat it whole, your choice. Read on for more amazing life hacks that you cannot live without.

13. Sponges

Putting a sponge in your fridge may seem odd at first, but after you try this awesome life hack you’ll be doing it too. Lots of fruits and vegetables need to go in the fridge, especially if you’re not using them right away.

Life Hacks


The sponges will absorb the moisture in your fridge which would normally be absorbed by your fruits and vegetables. This moisture is what makes your produce get soggy and wilted very quickly. But with a few sponges in the crisper, that’s no longer a problem.

14. Frying Pan Salt

Before you go throwing out that old frying pan that food just always sticks to, try this life hack! All you need to some table salt and that pan will be like new in no time. Cover the inside of the pan with salt and stick it on the burner to heat up.

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After that, just wash off the salt and dry the pan. For non-stick pans, wash them with just hot water and a sponge. The dish soap can ruin the non-stick coating of your pans over time, so be careful when washing.

15. Soap Under The Sheets

If you suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) then this important life hack might just be your saving grace. RLS is a disorder that forces your legs to move during sleep and it can get so bad that it prevents you from sleeping altogether.

Life Hacks

Health Pedia

The syndrome is caused by acidification in your muscles, so to counteract this, put a bar of soap under your fitted sheets where your legs are. The soap will help counteract the acidity issue and you’ll soon be sleeping soundly.

16. Water Bag Shoe Hack

This is a life hack for every woman. Who doesn’t have a pair of shoes that look fantastic but are so uncomfortable that they never leave the closet? This trick will get those expensive heels in tip top shape and ready to wear out on the town.

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Just fill two zip lock bags about halfway full of water and put them in the toes of your shoes. Place the shoes in the freezer and keep them there until the water freezes. The water will expand and stretch your shoes out slightly, making them more comfortable.

17. Lemon Fire

Did you know that you can start a fire with a lemon? Well, you can and apparently, you don’t need to be a scientist to do it. In order to use this lemon lighter life hack you will need the following items: one lemon, zinc nails, copper clips, wire, insulated wire, and steel wool.  Ok, so it’s doubtful that you would have all these random items, especially if you forgot to bring a lighter on a camping trip. But it’s still cool that you can start fire with a lemon and some other simple items.

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Next, connect the copper and zinc nails by wire diagonally. Then attach one insulated wire to one of the copper clips and one insulated wire to one of the zinc nails. Touch the two insulated wires to the steel wool and you’ve just created fire! Follow these instructions for more details. Read on to find out the next useful life hack.

18. Tiger Balm

Tiger balm is a super product that has an endless amount of uses, to put it simply, it is an all in one product that people worldwide swear by. Basically, if you have an issue, just rub some tiger balm on it and chances are you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Life Hacks

Tiger Balm is best known for helping with muscle aches and pains, but it can also be used for sore throats, stuffy noses, headaches and stomach issues. Beyond that, you can also use the balm for removing stickers, chewing gum and even keeping vermin away.

19. Tennis Ball Holder

We all have those annoying random items laying around the house that constantly get lost in the shuffle of day to day life. So make your life easier with this life hack. Just take a tennis ball, cut a slit and glue on two eyeballs.

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This adorable little holder can be used for a number of different purposes, such as to hold your keys, those bills you need to pay, or even just a pen or hand towel. No matter what you use it for, this little guy will make an attractive addition to your home.

20. Ingenious Dustpans

Let’s be honest. The dustpan can never be found when it comes time to use it. So why not make them yourself or even several using an item you might already have in the house? All you need is an empty plastic bottle (which you were just going to throw out anyway).

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The best bottles to use are empty chemical bottles that contained cleaning chemicals. Just cut the bottle along the red dotted line as shown in the photo above and poof! You have another dustpan. You can never have too many. Happy cleaning, folks!

21. Finger Safety

Hammering nails is always risky business. Especially for those of us who don’t get much practice, we’re always hitting our fingers just trying to hang a picture. So why not save your fingers with this handy-dandy life hack? All you need is a clothes pin.

Life Hacks


Hold the nail with the clothes pin, keeping your fingers a safe distance away from the hammer, and hammer to your heart’s content. Read on for some more useful and ingenious life hacks that will certainly change your life for the better.

22. Water-Proof Shoes

We all have those comfy canvas shoes that are just oh so comfortable. But the only drawback to them is they are terrible for rainy days. Your feet will be soaking wet the second the rain starts. So why not take your favorite shoes and waterproof them?

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With this life hack, all you need is some handy beeswax. Coat your shoes in the beeswax and dry them well with a hairdryer. Now you have waterproof canvas shoes! It’s as simple as that. Read on for more great life hacks.

23. Wine Hack

There is nothing worse than warm white wine… And if you try to cool it down with a few ice cubes, your wine is going to become diluted. It’s enough to ruin an entire glass. So, why not try this super cool life hack?

Life Hacks


Instead of using ice cubes, try using frozen grapes to cool down your white wine. The grapes will cool down your drink and not water it down at the same time. Even better, you can eat the grapes when you’re done for a nice snack.

24. Toilet Roll Seed Starter

Instead of throwing out your used toilet paper rolls, reuse them! Empty toilet paper rolls work great for seed starting. Just cut the empty roll and fold it into a square shape with the bottom closed. This life hack is sure to save you money.

Life Hacks


In no time your garden will be looking great with all your new sprouts! And these little planters literally cost you nothing at all, so think twice before you throw out the rolls. Read on for some more life-changing hacks like this one.

25. Dental Floss Hacks

Dental floss isn’t just for cleaning your teeth anymore (you should be flossing your teeth every day! Don’t force us to remind you!), it can also be used for some handy precision cutting. Like with a cake, for example. The best thing about this hack is that everyone should have dental floss on hand when needed.

Life Hacks


This technique can be used to cut a variety of different baked goods without the need for a sharp and messy knife that might just destroy your beautiful cake. Read on for some more incredible life hacks that you can’t live without.

26. Coke Tab Straw Hack

Yes, that’s right. You have been drinking your coke wrong all these years. You’ll notice that if you try to put a straw in the can, it will come right back out at you. Not so convenient for drinking with a straw.

Life Hacks

The Fractions

Instead, what you should be doing, is putting the straw through the tab you used to open the can. Just twist it around and it’s the perfect size for a straw and it will keep the straw in your can.

27. Toothpaste Hacks

Toothpaste is good for about 101 different uses, apart from just cleaning your pearly whites. Toothpaste can be used as a great cleaner for certain objects. Just take a look at how toothpaste was able to clean these headlights. Wow, that’s pretty amazing.

life hacks

Some people also use toothpaste on their skin. It’s said to be good for a number of different purposes, such as for blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, skin whitening, and blackheads. Plus, your skin will be minty fresh! Read on for more interesting life hacks.

28. Tomato Life Hack

Tomatoes might be nutritious, but they also have an external use that you might not have thought of. Rubbing a cut tomato against your skin can have lots of benefits and bathe your skin in nutrients. Who would have thought? We certainly didn’t.

life hacks

Tipps und Tipps

Tomatoes contain a number of nutrients that are vital to your skin such as vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K. Many face masks use tomato as an ingredient, so just go to your fridge and make your own face mask for cheap.

29. Dustpan Hack

So you need to fill up a bucket with water but the bucket just doesn’t fit in the sink. What are you going to do? Well, you can use this crafty dustpan hack. Just place a dustpan (preferably clean, depending on your needs) under the faucet.

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The water will fill the dustpan and exit from the handle, right into your bucket. No more awkwardly partially filling your bucket and likely spilling all over the place. Read on for more amazing life hacks that are sure to improve your life.

30. Vitamin Boost

Did you know that lemons are full of super healthy phytonutrients? Don’t know what that is? Well don’t worry, just know that its super healthy for you. Starting your day off with a glass of water (tepid, not cold) with a squirt of lemon is one simple life hack that you should start doing today.

Life Hacks

Sloan Natural Health Center

Not only can lemon water in the morning help kick start your digestive system, but it also is great for your skin and overall health. Lemons contain Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, citric acid, copper, calcium, iron and tons of other beneficial stuff.

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