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Vacationers Were Shocked To See What Came Jumping Out Of The Water At This Lake

You wake up on vacation one morning to see giant bubbles forming over the otherwise peaceful water at your resort in British Columbia. Some might panic, others might sit back and see what’s lurking under the surface. These onlookers grabbed their cell phones and recorded it all.

What’s All The Commotion About

Guests at the Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia, Canada were woken up one morning by some commotion down by the docks. Located in the Canadian Rain Forest, the beautiful bay that surrounds the lodge leads into the Pacific Ocean. The usually calm and serene water suddenly began to churn and bubble at the surface.

Great Bear Lodge

One quick-thinking person grabbed their cellphone to record whatever was about to come out.

You’re Going To Want To See This

Based on the size of the waves, guests knew something big was swimming under the surface. They were shocked to see it was two humpback whales swimming near the shore. The pair came to the surface and began to spray water from their blowholes. Being that close to such beautiful and majestic creatures is a once in a lifetime experience these guests are sure to never forget.


Even the hotel staff was shocked to see the whales so close to their docks.

What They Were Doing There

Staff at the Great Bear Lodge reported that whales were participating in a bubble net feeding. Bubble net feeding is a learned behavior where whales put out bubble nets in order to feed on a school of fish. Fish such as krill, herring, and salmon are common prey. Humpback whales have been known to bubble feed in pairs or groups of up to sixty or more.

Juneau Whale Watch

There’s nothing like a surprise from mother nature to go with your coffee in the morning.

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