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Dying World War II Vet Just Wanted To Dance With A Pretty Girl, So A Sorority Stepped Up In A Big Way

In a Mississippi hospice, a World War II vet lay bedridden. His one dying wish was to dance with a beautiful woman. If only he knew someone who would dance with him and if only he could stand and dance on his feet once more!

An Instant Connection

Jessica Moreau was doing an internship for SouthernCare Hospice Services in Mississippi when she met the Navy vet. “He’d always ask me if I wanted to go to Ropers, the local bar,” she said. “He says, ‘I’ll teach you how to jitterbug and the waltz.'” Apparently, he was quite the dancer in his day.


When he told her of his final wish, she took it back to her Phi Mu Sorority at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, and they came up with a plan.

A Veteran Honored

Paul Sonnier, the 92-year-old vet, was in the United States Navy. He was at Pearl Harbor and he fought in World War II for our freedom. All these years later, little did he know that he would meet a younger generation who would truly appreciate his service and sacrifices for this country.


Paul’s daughter Ida recalled, “[He] is happy that this younger generation appreciates everything that he did and sacrificed so they can sit here and have fun and have the freedoms that they have.”

A Dying Wish

When he was younger, Paul enjoyed doing his share of dancing, but being bedridden, he couldn’t do that anymore. When the sisters at Phi Mu heard Paul’s wish of dancing with a beautiful woman just one more time, they hatched a plan. The sorority had a party at the hospice in his honor and they granted him his dying wish.


As the music played in the background, the beautiful ladies of the sorority held his hands and they danced with Paul from beside his bed. It was a beautiful way to honor a man who had given so much.

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