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This 95-Year-Old Veteran Just Broke His Own World Record As The World’s Oldest Scuba Diver

Last year, Ray Woolley set a world record for the oldest scuba diver in the world. He was 94 then. Upon his 95th birthday, he decided he had a little more dive in him. Woolley went on to break his own record, becoming the world’s oldest scuba diver at the age of 95. The World War II Veteran attributes his success to staying physically active and hopes to inspire others to get fit as well.

A History At Sea

During World War II, Woolley was a radio operator for the British. He served in both the Royal Navy and the Special Boat Service special forces. Since then, Woolley’s passion for scuba diving has evolved.


The veteran has spent the last 58 years scuba diving. While Woolley loves to dive, he also wants to prove to people that anything is possible, even in old age. “I am trying to prove to myself, and I hope to other people, that exercise, especially when you are getting to around my age, is most important to do,” he said.

Breaking Record After Record

When Woolley was 94, he broke the world record for the world’s oldest active male scuba diver. He dove 38.1 meters, or 125 feet, into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Cyprus. He was under water for 41 minutes.


Not only did Woolley beat his own record as the oldest scuba diver, but he dove even further after turning 95. He was under the water for 44 minutes and dove at a depth of 40.6 meters, or 133 feet.

Fascinating Longevity

The veteran diver serves as an inspiration to us all, teaching us that anything is possible if you keep an active, healthy lifestyle.


“It’s lovely to break my record again, and I hope if I can keep fit, I will break it again next year with all of you,” Woolley said.

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