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Kentucky Veterans Build Bridge for Widow and Wheelchair-Bound Mother

Getting around without a car can be difficult, though it was nothing compared to the trek that Belinda Hart of Kentucky had to endure. In order to get her wheelchair-bound mother to doctors appointments, the Harts had to cross the creek through nothing but two narrow logs that pass for a makeshift bridge. But since these were destroyed by a recent flood, the Harts were left with virtually no convenient access from their home to the clinic.

However, two Good Samaritans and veterans stepped in to build a bridge—literally.

Flenoy Barrow and Sam Werner came onto the scene just in the nick of time. Belinda says: “They were my lasts hope and my best hope, and that’s it.”

Sam Warner said: “This veteran’s widow has got to have a way to get across to go to the doctor.”

Belinda Hart had to endure a difficult and potentially dangerous trail through the woods just to get to the doctor for occasional visits, since her elderly mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The bond between mother and daughter is inspiring, with Belinda saying that “I told her the other day I’m gonna live to be 125, so she’s gotta live to be 100 at least.”

As members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization in Calloway County, Kentucky, the Barrow and Werner are committed to the project of building ramps for veterans.

Barrow admitted: “I figured we’d always do something together, but I didn’t think it’d be building wheelchair ramps and bridges.”

Werner shares: “We’re proud, at our age and physical health, we’re able to do this for people.”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved