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Video Of Adorable Pup Having Trouble Figuring Out The Screen Door Is Sure To Brighten Your Day

Dogs provide us humans with so much love and so many laughs. Their quirky personality traits and adorable videos are a great way to cause a smile even on the worst of days. Twitter user Jenson Kendall knew this and couldn’t resist sharing the hysterical thing her dog does daily.

That Tricky Screen Door

Several times a day Jenson’s dog Akela goes into the backyard for some fresh air and to do his business, however, over the years he has continuously run into a problem – that tricky screen door! According to Jenson, the screen door has gotten the best of Akela several times resulting in the poor dog running face first into it.


Luckily it only took a few run-ins with the door before he came up with an alternative approach.

Learning Patience

Instead of diving headfirst into the house, Akela has taken the cautious route and now waits patiently for the screen door to open, even when it isn’t even there.

He even goes as far as to use his nose to test the waters and see that there is nothing blocking him from coming into the house. However, Akela still waits until someone “opens” the door before happily trotting inside before the imaginary door is closed behind him. The family enjoys playing along and making Akela happy.

Going Viral

After Jenson shared the adorable video on Twitter it was shared over 250,000 times making Akela one popular pup. In order to keep users updated on the day to day life adventures of Akela the family even started an Instagram account featuring the dog, @akelathegreat.


Akela was smart not to let a little something like a screen door prevent him from being the good boy that he is!

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