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This Video of “Dinosaur Abuse” Goes Viral

A video “report” by Carlos Perez and Mauricio Ortegon about the “ill-treatment” of dinosaur has gone viral.

The video was filmed on the road when Perez and Ortegon spotted a pick-up truck with a life-like plastic dinosaur strapped at the back.

The two made it sound like they were doing a live report of something horrible they have witnessed. The post had the caption “Share!!! Denouncing animal abuse”.

Perez started with: “Here, just to make a report on how they treat dinosaurs”.

“They are taking him tied to the back of the truck in this infernal heat. This poor dinosaur. It’s not fair,” Perez added.

Considering the witty and humorous content of the video, the same immediately went viral on Facebook in less than a day after being posted.

The “dinosaur abuse” caught on cam has been shared and reposted using hashtags like #PrayForDinosaurs, #ThisIsIndangerOfExtinction, #StrongDino, and #YouHurtMeMexico

In a report by the Mirror, Perez gave credit to comedians Los Tres Tristes Tigres for the popularity of the video as they are the ones who shared it with all their solid five million followers.

“We try to make songs or funny things so that people laugh at what happens to us in our day to day lives,” shared Perez.

Perez is a member of Pacotilla, a musical comedy group that works on producing their own songs and publishing what they have done on various social media platforms.

While the group had already posted several videos online, the “dinosaur abuse” is by far the most popular among all the clips they have created garnering over 30,000 likes and more than a hundred thousand shares on FB.

Pacotilla made a follow-up video on the dinosaur showing how they “rescued” the robotic dinosaur. They captioned the post: “Faith in humanity restored. We made them boys, we rescued dino. Thank you all for your support.”

The follow-up video has been well-received as well, getting over 23,000 likes and had been shared over 28,000 times.

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