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Man’s Video Goes Viral For Showing The Truth About Teacher Salaries

James Deming was tired of hearing the same thing over and over. His wife Courtney is an elementary school teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and whenever the subject of teacher’s contracts or salaries came up in conversation one comment in particular always irked him.

That One Comment

“We hear it a lot, that teachers get the summers off and that’s why they get paid less,” he says in a video he posted on Facebook. “That got me to thinking, and I started doing a little number crunching about that.”

James did some research comparing a Tulsa school teachers salary and benefits with that of the average white collar worker. The results were so shocking that he and Courtney made a video on Facebook to share their findings.

The Shocking Results

The average teacher salary is a little over $40,000, while other white collar jobs that require the same amount of education average around $66,000. Where the disparity becomes even more clear, though, is when benefits are put side by side. James found that a family insurance plan for teachers would cost them around $630 a month compared to the $93 a month average for other white collar jobs. Add in the fact that most teachers not only buy their own supplies such as pens, copy paper, and ink but also spend on average anywhere from $500 – $1,000 extra a year on school supplies for children who need them, and the gap becomes even wider.

“I really thought it would get a couple of shares, a few of our friends would watch it, and that would be it,” said James. The post has since been viewed millions of times and shared thousands of times.

A Message Heard

It’s a message Courtney said people need to hear right now.

“A lot of people have really come out and shown support, and said, ‘I’m with you, I’m with the teachers, and we’ll support you in whatever we need to do,'” she said.

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