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Downward Dow: Video Of Pooch ‘Teaching’ Woman Yoga Is Adorably Zen

There is really nothing a dog cannot do. Whether it is playing fetch, swimming, or learning new tricks. Now, they can even teach you how to do your favorite yoga poses. While doing yoga with your dog might not be the first thing you’d think of, one dog is taking the Internet by storm by showing his owner how to do some yoga poses.

One Flexible Dog

The video starts right out the gate. There is a woman on a yoga mat, and her dog laying right across from her. In the video, the woman can be seen trying to move her leg over her head, one of the harder poses to do in yoga. Seeing her owner struggling, the woman’s dog places its leg behind its head.

Animal Channel

While the video only lasts 30 seconds, you can not help but smile at just how cute the dog is. “Come on boy, do yoga.” The woman encouraged as her pooch completed the yoga pose without any struggle. It seems his owner is just as impressed with the skill as everyone else.

The Origin Of Doga

This video a dog doing yoga is yet another example of how incredible our pets can be. In 2012, on the famous TV show, Britan’s Got Tallent, Mahny Djahanguiri brought her pet on stage to demonstrate ‘doga’ or dog yoga.


While relaxing on the beach in LA, she saw people meditating with their dogs, which prompted her to launch her new idea of doing yoga with your dog. Since she started in 2012, she has created a new trend that has been featured everywhere from Britain’s Got Tallent to Jimmy Kimmel and more.

A Team Activity

Though doga is a new trend is has become very popular among dog owners. While it would seem quite obvious that doing yoga with your dog is fun, there are mutual benefits to it for both you and your dog.

Japan Times

The amazing video of a woman doing yoga with her dog has opened up a whole new world for pet-owning yoga lovers. From the incredible skill and real bonding time you get with your pet from doing yoga, it makes you wonder why you haven’t tried it out for yourself.

Watch the incredible video for yourself!

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