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Vietnam Veteran Gets His Lost Purple Heart Back Thanks To A Fellow Vet

The Purple Heart is a high honor in the military for those wounded or killed while serving. An elderly veteran unknowingly lost his, but he would soon get it back, thanks to a fellow vet and his dogs!

Loyalty To His Country

75-year-old Jeffrey Simon of Morgan Hill, CA, bravely fought in the Vietnam War. He even earned his own Purple Heart and Navy corpsman medal for his service. The veteran carried his medals in a satchel and was still very proud of his service during the war.

The Columbian

Unfortunately for him, the medals went missing and he had no clue! During a move, the satchel had tumbled onto the sidewalk. It was later suspected that the satchel must have been left on the roof of a car that drove off. Thankfully, someone would discover the precious medals before Jeffrey could realize they were gone.

A Random Discovery

One day, a man named Lenny Kurtz was out on a walk with his dogs near his home. As his dogs sniffed around, he happened to notice a leather satchel on the ground. It contained Jeffrey’s Purple Heart and a Navy corpsman medal for service in Vietnam, along with other military paperwork.

Facebook / Morgan Hill Police Department

Lenny knew all too well the importance and honor of the medals. He had a few himself, having served in Vietnam as well. So Lenny turned the medals over to Morgan Hill police. Officers attempted to contact Jeffrey but ended up leaving a voicemail. They also made a post on Facebook with a photo of the medals. “Someone is definitely missing these today. They just may not realize it yet,” part of the post read.

Together Again

The officers finally got in touch with Jeffrey, who was relieved that the medals had been found. Jeffrey was glad that they were found before he knew they were gone because he “probably would’ve freaked out.” He was able to come down to police headquarters to pick up his prized medals.

Morgan Hill Police Department

Not only that, but Jeffrey was able to meet Lenny face to face. The two spent a few minutes chatting, and Jeffrey expressed his immense gratitude to Lenny for returning two of his most precious possessions!

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