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Woman Write Viral Post On The Truth About The ‘Perfect’ Moms Of Social Media

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The #momgoals trend on Instagram had nearly 600,000 posts at the time this article was published. The majority of the pictures on this hashtag include mothers and children who are so perfectly manicured the picture could easily fit into a fashion catalog. Scattered in between all of the perfection, there are a few photos of moms with messy hair and children who look normal rather than perfect. The high standards for moms on social media inspired Jen Flint, a mother herself, to make an inspirational Facebook post. Jen’s words of wisdom are going viral for all the right reasons.

Pulling Back The Curtain

While lounging at the pool, Jen got a behind-the-scenes view of a #momgoals style picture. She writes: “I watched a young Mama and her little daughter enter the pool area dressed in very nice coordinating swimming suits. The mom, with her perfect loose curls tied up in a coordinating scarf, spent the first few minutes talking loudly on her phone to a friend while her daughter stood waiting to get into the pool. Mom ended the phone call and proceeded to spread out pool toys and sunscreen on a matching towel. Then after finding just the right angle and the right light, Mama pulled out her tripod and took a few selfies with her daughter. Little One asked to get in the pool. Mama said wait and then posed her daughter in front the pool, then going into the pool and then coming back out of the pool. Little one smiled big and said ‘cheese’ like she’d done it a million times.”

Making Sense Of It All

To make a long story short, the mother never got in the pool with her daughter. The daughter begged her mother to play in the pool with her, but the mother took phone call after phone call. After about ten minutes of the daughter playing in the pool by herself, the mother said it was time to go.

As her post continued, Jen wrote about how there are so many moms out there who beat themselves up after looking at the kind of pictures that this inattentive mom at the pool probably posted. There are very few moms who post about not being motivated to clean, changing dirty diapers, or dealing with a tantrum in the shoe store. Just like all other people, mothers post the highlights of their time with their children, and there are a growing number of mothers who post about moments that were completely fabricated for social media. 

You Go, Mama!

Mothers should never compare themselves to others. Children do not need designer clothes and fancy vacations. The average child probably won’t even remember those things when they are all grown up. All children, regardless of whether they are rich or poor or whether their mom stays at home or works full-time, need love and attention. Children will remember being cuddled and cherished. They won’t remember all of the likes their mom received for photoshoot style pictures of them on Instagram.

Some moms run marathons. Others struggle to find time to workout. What matters most is that every mother takes care of herself and takes care of her family. She doesn’t need to worry about impressing people on social media. Jen ended her post with some much-needed inspiration for all the moms out there who are not picture perfect. She says, “Mamas, don’t compare yourself. You ARE enough! You are amazing and the very best part is that you are REAL! Your dirty shirt and your messy house and your happy children are real and they are proof that you are doing it right!”

Jen’s post has more than 2,000 comments and has been shared nearly 140,000 times. Here’s what some other moms had to say about Jen’s story. 

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