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In Honor Of International Women’s Day, Virgin Holidays Sent People Named ‘Lucy’ To St. Lucia

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Virgin Holiday is a travel company associated with the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia airlines. All three companies are owned by Richard Branson, a philanthropist, so it only makes sense that Virgin Holidays would have some awesome giveaways. In the company’s latest act of giving, it offered a free flight to St. Lucia to any UK resident legally named Lucy or Lucia.

The Cause Behind The Contest

This exciting contest was launched in honor of International Women’s Day. Believe it or not, St. Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman. St. Lucia is also famous for girl bosses!

In the tropical nation, the number of female bosses, across all industries, is very closely correlated with the number of women in the populations. In other words, the amount of women in leadership roles is similar to the number of women there are in the country. As far as hiring practices go, it seems that people in St. Lucia believe women are just as capable as men.

Rules Of Engagement

To win, a woman would have to be named either Lucy or Lucia and she would have to live in the United Kingdom. To make sure everyone was playing fairly, Virgin Holidays also specified that the winning women would need to have their name listed as Lucy or Lucia on their passports.

The competition wasn’t a guaranteed win for all Lucys. There was a drawing among those who entered, and winners will be notified soon. Winners will get free airfare to and from St. Lucia.

Lucys Having Fun

To kick off the #Lucysinstlucia festivities, Virgin Holidays sent three of its very own employees named Lucy (Lucy Hudson, Lucy McManus, and Lucy Messina) on the St. Lucian trip of a lifetime.

Although the period for entering the contest has closed, we are keeping an eye on the Virgin Holidays Instagram page to see all the fun the winners have.

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