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Curious About The ‘VSCO Girl’ Trend? Here’s All You Need To Know

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If you’ve been on the Internet, you’ve probably seen the term “VSCO girl.” The term originally described a girl who used the VSCO photo editing app; now it has morphed into a particular set of personalities, qualities, and behaviors that have inspired lots of memes.

“VSCO girl” describes a very specific aesthetic that can be found in many Instagram photos, especially since VSCO editing photos are usually posted on the social media site. From the aesthetic, you can tell that VSCO girls are “basic” but incredibly comfortable in their own skin. Since they post so many pictures on Instagram, they are pros at visually pleasing aesthetics that can give off positive vibes. Here are some common characteristics of a VSCO girl.


Since they are so confident and comfortable with themselves, VSCO girls totally support creating a positive environment, especially online. Also, they use Internet sayings such as “SKSKSK,” which is supposed to be a keyboard smash, and “And I oop—” which is the viral Jasmine Masters meme. This shows how active they are on the Internet, and how they have taken on the more positive parts of the Internet culture. Their positivity is not limited to the Internet. Usually, their laptops are covered in bright, cute stickers that emphasize their fun and positive attitudes. Also, they love posting positivity quotes that can inspire people and insert some extra kindness on the Internet.


Furthermore, VSCO girls are very concerned with their environmental impact, so they are very eco-friendly. They use reusable water bottles, such as Hydro Flasks, and reusable straws. Many VSCO girls accompany pictures using reusable straws with a comment to save the turtles. Their eco-consciousness shows that they do pay attention to issues going on in the world, which adds some depth to the stereotypical view.

Comfortable Fashion

However, VSCO girls are most focused on great aesthetics. All VSCO girls must have lots of scrunchies. While they are great hair accessories, VSCO girls also tend to wear their scrunchies on their wrists. Their style is casual, so they usually wear over-sized tee shirts and jean shorts paired with Vans or Crocs, which have been rising in fashion in recent years. They usually wear shell necklaces, have multiple friendship bracelets, and use the colorful Kanken brand backpacks. Their outfits show that they are more focused on being comfortable than wearing fashionable things that may be uncomfortable. VSCO girls’ focus on comfort is emphasized by their characteristically messy hair.

VSCO On Twitter

VSCO girls are not just on Instagram; you can also find them on Twitter, and there are two Twitter users who really understand the aesthetic. @madrmorris perfectly described the VSCO aesthetic saying, “vsco is such a positive environment: wanna constant post ab your boyf? yes girl you go. wanna only post ab your pup? Heck yes we’re here for this. wanna post ab every meal you eat? plz gal I wanna see that açaí bowl. it allows you to be who you are w no judgment & that’s amazing.” Another Twitter user, @mangopeachs, also describes the VSCO girl culture: “it really encourages being eco-friendly and supportive to women? The sleepovers, the advice girls r giving to others…the whole aesthetic is so sunshiny and friendly.”

On the Internet, you can find parody videos of VSCO girls that are using the specific aesthetic, and more and more people are becoming interested in learning more about this Internet culture. Even though VSCO girls are parodied online, this movement is positive and inspires people to be truly kind and to care about the environment, all while being confident in themselves.

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