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Take A Wild Ride With Some Of The Wackiest Subway Moments Ever Captured

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There’s nothing quite like the experience of riding the subway. The thing is, with the mass amount of people who populate cities and rely on public transportation to get them to a very diverse list of destinations, chances are high that at some point you’re going to encounter some pretty wild subway moments on your commute.

For many of us subway users, these moments have turned into those anecdotes we tell people hoping they’ll actually believe us. But thanks to the invention of smartphones, we can now all gawk at the extraordinary cast of characters that we interact with for (hopefully) a few brief moments a day.

1. Five-Second Rule

We can all sympathize with this woman’s struggle. You’ve just finished a night out on the town with your friends, they’ve gone home, and now it’s time for you to stumble back. But first, you need to grab some munchies to satiate the beast you’ve awakened. Who will win though — hunger or fatigue?

pizza subway moments

One of many classic food-related subway moments, this lady is actually in luck. The wax paper slipped out of the pizza box just perfectly so that it still protected her late-night cravings from the perils lurking on that gross subway floor. Let’s just hope the train didn’t hit any bumps before her stop.

2. Clawed Contraband

“Psst, buddy, interested in buying yourself one of these?” Sooner or later, you’re bound to run into a peddler or two while taking the train. It’s just one of those subway moments that’s an inevitability. And let’s be honest, what she’s hiding under that jacket is probably the best possible thing someone on the subway could flash to you.

girl cat subway moments

Maybe it was a particularly cold day out, or maybe her little guy was just shy and not down to be bombarded by tons of other subway passengers gushing about his cutness. Whatever the reason, coming across this adorable couple was probably one of the best encounters one could find on the train.

3. Safe Space

One of the worst subway moments all passengers have to endure at some point is a lack of personal space and having to compete with strangers for a few inches to sit, let alone stand. Got a problem with that? Have no fear, you don’t have to avoid public transit entirely.

subway moments


This woman has come up with the genius idea of creating a perimeter around herself so any clumsy passenger will have to take care to steer clear. You may have heard of the cone of silence, but wearing the sphere of stranger danger is definitely going to become a big hit. Who would even dare dream of invading her personal bubble?

4. Accessibility Issues

There’s nothing quite as aggravating as trying to get through the turnstile during rush hour – everyone’s moving at a snail’s pace, there are 50 bajillion people in front of you, and half of them are having card-reading issues. But just be glad you don’t encounter one of these every day.

centaur subway moments

We’re all in favor of a little cosplay here and there, but you might want to think of any possible challenges your costume might pose to your daily routine. This poor centaur might be in need of a little extra assistance — those four legs just aren’t enough to get him where he needs to go!

5. Seeing Red

Don’t worry, your pangs of hunger aren’t so extreme that you’re hallucinating. This is just one of those ‘only on the subway’ moments to shrug at and accept: people calmly going about their business while dressed as food; that is, to say, an incredibly detailed and extraordinarily juicy morsel of tomato.

tomato person subway moments riders cosplay

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This tomato slice does look a bit forlorn, however. Hopefully, somewhere on a parallel train, a giant slice of lettuce, some cheese, a burger, and some sesame seed buns are wandering around, looking for love. Just don’t ask if it identifies as a fruit or vegetable — it’s a sore subject.

6. Pokémon No

We keep hearing that it’s imperative that we catch them all, but apparently not all of the Pokémon powers have yet been revealed to us. It would appear that Pikachu here is in fact loosely related to the creatures from Alien — and we’re totally bugging out at the sight of it.

pikachu pokemon cosplay costume subway moments

Bored Panda

Sure, Pikachu is supposed to have those stubby little hands, so perhaps slipping your arms in the logical place in the costume might be considered a design flaw. But there’s something horrifically unsettling about this set-up, whether or not it’s on the DC Metro. No, Pikachu, we most emphatically do not choose you!

7. Crazy Dog Lady

Ah, those delightful subway moments involving people’s insistence on taking their furry friends with them on public transit. At the bare minimum, at least this chihuahua is portable and doesn’t take up much space. But that doesn’t excuse its outfit choice — even if it is slightly coordinated with its mom’s hair color.

dog subway moments weird


Whoever this itsy-bitsy Doggy Parton is, he or she seems rather serene, resigned to the fact that its owner is just wild about the doggy dress-up. The pint-sized diva seems to understand that posing for photos is part of the job description. That lady sitting to the right of them, however, seems less than impressed.

8. Sitting Pretty

Is this a nun? A Christmas candy cane nightmare? A character from the Russian circus? A new and edgy advertising campaign for Target? Or has Lady Gaga just gone one step too far with her costume choices? Sometimes you just have to stop scratching your head and accept those bizarre subway moments as they are.

costume subway moments


Whatever the explanation is, this creature is making sure to sit politely and quietly wait for its stop. This costumed mystery and its irresistibly ruby kinky boots are certainly lucky to be riding the train when it’s not rush hour. That tail certainly looks like it might get more than a bit cumbersome when there’s only standing room.

9. Iron Chef

We’ve heard of eating on the go, but his guy took time management and planning to whole other level. He apparently knew his schedule wouldn’t give him enough time to do all the things he needed. Nonetheless he seemingly thought ahead about how to utilize time spent in commute efficiently, repurposing the random items he happened to have on his person.

creative eating subway moments

By unfolding that ironing board and stabilizing it with his feet, he was able to fashion the perfect table to sit and enjoy his meal. It looks like it might have even been more spacious and comfortable than an in-flight tray table. Let’s hope nobody came barging past him on their phone and knocked it all over!

10. Just Hanging Out

It’s you and this guy, defying gravity. Depending on whether or not there’s music, and whether or not you’ve had your coffee, having your train car suddenly filled with an onslaught of leaping acrobats can be one of the coolest subway moments you could have, or one of the most inconvenient.

gymnast gymnastics acrobat acrobatics subway moments

Looks like this dude is just chilling for the time being, though. And like any other typical subway passenger, despite his precarious positioning, he’s still got his headphones on with his face placidly glued to his phone screen. Seems like it would be kind of an awkward angle for a selfie, no?

11. Counting Crows

Some folks just don’t know how much steampunk is too much steampunk. We know that public transportation can be a surefire breading ground for germs, but you could always just get a flu shot. There’s really no need to go all the way back to 17th-century plague doctor costumes to remedy the situation.

subway moments crows cosplay


It must have been hot and clammy inside those unwieldy mask for these masquerading passengers in London. Hopefully they learned the best possible way to utilize that enormous beak: as a nosebag! It’s an excellent place to store all kinds of sweets that you can snack on freely as you ride the Tube — and no one will judge you for pigging out.

12. Fowl Play

After so many bizarre and outlandish subway moments, some passengers may claim they’ve seen it all, and there’s no possible way left to rile them up. In this unusual subway snap, no one except the photographer bothered to even look up and have a gander at this spectacle in the middle of their train car.

peacock subway moments

Bored Panda

What was on their smart phones that could possibly be more intriguing and engrossing than seeing an actual peacock right there on the train with them, extraordinary plumage and all? No matter what he did, it didn’t appear that he’d ruffled any of his fellow passengers’ feathers — unless, of course, he literally did so.

13. Tight Grip

We’ve all had to suffer through those uncomfortable moments on the subway where the only option is to stand and all the bars are taken. There’s no way to brace yourself properly against sudden stops and sharp brakes without bumping into somebody. Or, perhaps you’re a germophobe and don’t want to touch any of it.

plunger subway moments unique funny

Well, this resourceful subway rider took the plunge and came up with an excellent idea to make sure that she would shake and sway with the train, without toppling over. With some luck, it detached quick enough for her to make her stop. We’re just hoping and praying that she bought this plunger exclusively for this purpose — and nothing else.

14. Smooth Ride

Public yoga exhibitionists are sort of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have to wonder how thirsty for attention they have to be in order to pull this kind of a stunt. But on the other hand, kudos to them for being able to maintain balance and poise despite the train’s rattle and rumble.

yoga subway moments


However, of all the delightful potpourri of scents that define and underline our time on the subway, it might be best to avoid adding sweaty feet to the mix. After all, we should all at least try to have a little compassion for our fellow passengers. Hey guy, my eyes are up here! Oh wait, not exactly.

15. Don’t Cry

Okay, so she brought a cutting board and was chopping up an onion on the train. Nothing unusual about that, surely. No wait, why though? Were there other ingredients to this dish, and was it some kind of food that could be eaten raw and just had to be prepared immediately? Why couldn’t it wait?

onions cooking subway moments


If you’re looking to make your fellow passengers cry, though, this method seems near foolproof. One more serious question though: if this lady could get a knife onto the subway that easily, even if it’s just for the benign purpose of cooking, shouldn’t we be more than a bit concerned about our security?

16. Patient Rodents

A little self-referential humor never hurt anybody. Though you can often be amused by them in broad daylight above ground, New York City’s massive population of rats are one of the most beloved perks of taking the subway. What true New Yorker can’t include in their list of endearing subway moments a run-in with one of these beasts?

subway rats subway moments passengers riders costumes

That would certainly explain the looks of apathy on the other passengers waiting for their train and flat out ignoring their furry companions with their gawking stare. No matter what, this odd couple definitely needed to give their tails a good wash after dragging them around in the subway’s grime.

17. Not Easy Being Green

Who knew the end of the rainbow was actually in the South Bronx? Wherever it actually may lie, it looks like this leprechaun had seen better days. It may have been Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City, but with that suitcase and flight tags, it would appear he was in the middle of a tiring journey — perhaps on the way to Ireland?

leprechaun st patrick's day subway moments riders

It’s a mystery how he was been able to balance his cauldron precariously atop such a small space, but it seems that he was not too concerned about it potentially toppling over. From the look of things, that pot wasn’t exactly filled with gold. It looks more like he was hauling a load of soap suds!?

18. Who Needs Dating Apps?

It was one of those late-night rides when you were feeling sad and lonesome — and then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden there he was. The creature of your dreams, sitting there across from you doing a Sudoku, coyly making eye contact. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and utterly irresistible.

subway moments creepy scary


His quiet bashful demeanor was enticing, but his ruby red eyes were just enchanting, and you couldn’t help but fall head over heels. This charming devil is the kind of quiet stranger that just makes you want to ask for his hand. Just cross your fingers and hope you’re getting off at the same stop!

19. Superfly On The Subway

Some subway moments are just so awesomely iconic that they make you reconsider your life choices — or at least your wardrobe. There’s dressing warmly in order to best deal with the change of seasons. And then there’s this guy, taking it up so far a notch that there are no notches left to make.

subway moments


From that fabulously furry and hopefully cruelty-free hat, that sumptuous coat, and all the way to those dynamic alligator shoes, this devil in red is absolutely sensational. Unfortunately, there is a downside to all this swag. Thanks to people like this, Elmo and his kind have become an endangered species.

20. Straw Man Argument

Well, hello there, friend. Don’t worry, we’re not here to mock your traditions, but we do have a few important questions about this look. For starters, we’re glad you’re sitting alone; a bunch of us in this train car have really bad hay fever, so your keeping your distance is very conscientious.

subway moments riders


We’re just a bit concerned because this subway clearly isn’t up to fire code standards, and that costume certainly is the farthest thing from being not flammable. Also, we’re worried about your health going barefoot on the subway like that — who knows what kind of stuff you could catch? Just looking out for you, mate!

21. What A Hoot

Whatever society this group of friends on the Moscow subway belong to, we would gladly like to submit our application for membership. It would appear that their ‘Owldsmobile’ broke down and wherever they were taking their taloned friends, they were stuck catching a ride on public transit like the rest of us.

owls moscow subway moments riders


At least the Moscow subway comes with nice modern amenities, like WiFi in case they wanted to check their ‘Facebeak.’ Let’s just hope these silent night stalkers were on their best behavior, even if it was daytime outside and they were grumpy to be awake — those sharp claws are not to be messed with!

22. A Streepcar Named Desire

There was a story from early on in multiple Oscar-winner Meryl Streep’s career that circulated accompanied by this photo. According to the account, this snap captured her on the way back from auditioning for King Kong in 1976 after she was told she wasn’t pretty enough for the part. The story’s true, but this actually was not the right photo.

subway moments meryl streep


In fact, even more surprising, this shot of Streep riding the subway comes from a markedly different point in her career. The picture was taken in 1981, just a few years after that rejection. At that point she was already toting an Emmy, an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress — and was just a year away from an Oscar for Best Actress. What a ride!

23. Face/Off

In the age of smartphones, the popular trend of capturing amazing subway moments has become so big that there is actually a term associated with the practice of  capturing confrontations between passengers — subway scrapping. Sometimes, the joys of public transit can bring together worlds that might never have the opportunity to mix otherwise — and sometimes, those worlds collide with a legendary bang.

darth vader batman subway moments

As this subway car must have realized, there can only be one dark knight on board at a time. The problem is, Batman should really be wary of getting all up in Darth Vader’s grill. All of that armor and those gadgets aren’t going to be able to save him from a Force choke. We’d fight for a spot on the subway any day to see this epic showdown.

24. A Wizard Is Never Late

It’s one of the most joyful subway moments you could possibly wish for. There you are, crammed in on a stuffy commute, annoyed at the world, when all of a sudden, you see a face across from you that’s all too familiar. Could it be? Yes indeed — this superhuman has descended to dwell among us mere mortals.

ian mckellen subway moments riders

Bored Panda

Clearly Sir Ian McKellen has gone unrecognized by all the other passengers in his row, as they seem totally unfazed by the fact that silver screen royalty has joined them in their daily routine. Both Magneto and Gandalf have had their share of low points, but taking the A train might top the list.

25. Hold Me Closer, Tiny Hamster

As a white collar worker, it’s always important to have your priorities straight. You need to make time for your loved ones, and it’s important to find small moments here and there to bring them to your workspace and help them feel included. Naturally, this applies to fur children, too.

hamster subway moments riders


It’s important that your child feels distinguished, so dressing them up according to their own sense of individuality for their big day out is key. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your witch hamster, as they are prone to casting spells on passersby before stealing and hoarding their sunflower seeds. Also, pray they don’t get trampled.

Sources: CoolimbaSubwayCreatures

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