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Meet The WAGs Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in the world and for good reason! Soccer is beloved around the world but it’s not only random fans cheering on the teams’ players. There are also the wives and girlfriends (also known as WAGs). They share their lives with the most famous and talented soccer players around while also maintaining pretty fascinating lives of their own. They even hold celebrity status, thanks in part to their soccer star partners. Whether you call it soccer or football, read on to find out which wives and girlfriends of your favorite soccer players will be showing up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in Russia.

1. Georgina Rodriguez & Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina Rodriguez has been girlfriend to Cristiano Ronaldo since 2016. The two reportedly met at a Dolce & Gabbana event in the VIP area. At the time, Georgina was working at a Gucci store in the Spanish capital of Madrid.


Georgina can frequently be found on the sidelines of Real Madrid matches, the team Cristiano has played for since 2009. He is widely believed to be the best player in the world and some regard him as the best player of all time. He will be playing on the Portugal national team at the 2018 World Cup.

2. Shakira & Gerard Pique

Pop star Shakira has been dating Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique since 2010 when the couple met at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Pique plays as center-back for Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Together the couple has two children.

world cup

Shakira was the singer of the official 2010 World Cup theme song “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).” Pique appeared in the music video for the song and played an integral part in Spain’s 2010 World Cup win, so you can bet Shakira will be at this year’s World Cup cheering him on.

3. Antonella Roccuzzo & Lionel Messi

Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi is married to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. The two both grew up in the city of Rosario, Argentina and started a romantic relationship back in 2008. The couple returned to their hometown to marry in 2017.

world cup


Together, Messi and Roccuzzo have three children: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Messi currently plays for Barcelona and is their well-established all-time top scorer. After reversing his decision to retire from international soccer, he led the Argentinian team to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

4. Ruby Mae & Dele Alli

Ruby Mae and Dele Alli reportedly started dating back in early 2016 but their relationship wasn’t confirmed until she planted a kiss oh him at the Euro 2016, in front of millions of on-looking fans.


101 Great Goals

Ruby Mae might be young, but she is already causing a storm in the modeling world. She has modeled for numerous famous labels, such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hidden Fashion and The Couture Club. The 5”9 model also has a huge Instagram following and Dele frequently shows up in pictures.

5. Annie Kilner & Kyle Walker

Annie Kilner, glamour model and mother, is girlfriend to Manchester City’s right back, Kyle Walker. Kilner will be appearing at the World Cup alongside Walker. The two met back in 2011 in their hometown of Sheffield, England, and have a son together.



Walker has admitted that he probably drives Kilner mad with his cleaning habits and love of shoes. “I don’t like mess. My missus will probably tell you that I drive her insane with all my cleanliness.” Walker will be playing for the English team in the 2018 World Cup

6. Perrie Edwards & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

British singer Perrie Edwards just recently started dating Liverpool and English national team midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The two tried to keep their relationship under wraps from the media until she finally admitted “I have a boyfriend and his name is Alex. He’s very cute and hot… and sexy.”


VIP Magazine

Edwards is part of the British girl group Little Mix and according to Oxlade-Chamberlain, he gives her some “street cred.” The singer toured the US in 2017 with US pop star Ariana Grande and won a BRIT Award for the group’s song ‘Shout Out To My Ex.’

7. Alexandra Ivarsdottir & Gylfi Sigurdsson

Beauty queen Alexandra Ivarsdottir is girlfriend of soccer player Gylfi Sigurdsson and together, they are one of Iceland’s most famous celebrity couples. Ivarsdottir was crowned Miss Iceland in 2008 and has been turning heads as one of the most beautiful WAGs in the world.



Sigurdsson made waves back in 2016 in the Euro Cup and has been on the up and up ever since. Sigurdsson was eventually traded to the English soccer club Everton in a $60 million deal. He will be playing for the Iceland national team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

8. Bruna Marquezine & Neymar

Brazilian model and actress Bruna Marquezine is girlfriend to Brazlian soccer superstar Neymar, who ESPN called the world’s fourth most famous athlete back in 2016. Bruna, who is only 22, has been seeing Neymar on-and-off since 2012.

Gabriel Cappelletti/Getty Images for amfAR

The famous actress and model has a huge Instagram following of over 28 million people. Neymar’s professional move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a whopping $260 million made him the world’s most expensive player. He will be playing for the Brazilian nation team at the world cup.

9. Anna Lewandowska & Robert Lewandowski

Athlete Anna Lewandowska is married to star Polish soccer player Robert Lewandowski. She is a world champion in karate and a specialist in nutrition. Anna graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. The pair have been married since 2013.



Together, they have a daughter named Klara. Robert Lewandowski currently plays for Bayern Munich and will be playing for the Polish national team at the World Cup in 2018. He has been ranked as the fifth best soccer player in the world and named Polish Player of the Year for an amazing seven years.

10. Amal Belhanda & Younis Belhanda

Morrocan attacking midfielder Younes Belhanda is married to his childhood love, Amal Belhanda. She can frequently be found at the stadium cheering on Younes from the stands. They have two children together, Muhammed and Nur.


The couple had both of their children while Younes was playing for soccer club Dynamo Kyiv. He now plays for the Turkish club Galatasaray and will be playing on the Moroccan national team at the 2018 World Cup.

11. Anastasia Kostenko & Dmitri Tarasov

After filing from divorce from TV personality Olga Buzova in 2016, Russian soccer player Dmitri Tarasov started dating model Anastasia Kostenko. The couple married in 2018 and shortly after it was reported that Anastasia was pregnant with their first child together.



Dmitri caused controversy in 2016 when he took off his shirt during a match with a Turkish team to reveal an undershirt with a picture of Vladimir Putin and the words “the most polite president.” Dmitri was fined almost $6,000 for the political stunt.

12. Andrea Duro & Javier Hernandez

Spanish actress Andrea Duro has been girlfriend to Mexican superstar Javier Hernandez ever since he was playing for German club Bayer Leverkusen. Duro made her film debut back in 2010 with the Spanish movie ‘Three Steps Above Heaven,’ and has starred in multiple long-running Spanish TV series.



Duro announced her celebrity relationship via a video on Instagram Stories. Hernandez leads the Mexican team as the all-time leading goal scorer. He currently plays for West Ham United. Read on to discover some more famous WAGs that will be showing up at the World Cup.

13. Noémie Happart & Yannick Carrasco

Belgian winger Yannick Carrasco met his girlfriend Noémie Happart, Miss Belgium 2013, in her hometown of Liege, Belgium. The two met at a bar and exchanged details. Happart reportedly didn’t even know that Carrasco was a soccer player. They have been together ever since. She is currently studying medicine at Liege University.



“When he told me he was a professional player, I was pretty suspicious,” Happart said. ”I had a fairly stereotyped image of footballers and I was afraid he had a reputation. But Yannick is a great boy, so I gave him a chance, he’s a handsome guy but I was mostly charmed by his character and personality.”

14. Yoo So-young & Son Heung-Min

South Korean soccer player Son Heung-Min has been dating actress Yoo So-young for some time now, although his constant being out of the country hasn’t helped their relationship. Son currently plays for the Tottenham Hotspurs.


About Korea

Son has some amazing playing ethic and is able to excel at just about every position on the field. “I don’t care where I play. The main thing is I’m in the game. I can play as a second striker or behind. What the coach says, I’ll do. I don’t have a favorite position. I’ll be anywhere and always on the throttle,” Son says.

15. Lorelei Taron & Radamel Falcao

Colombian soccer play Radamel Falcao met his wife Lorelei Taron in church when she was just 16 years-old. The two didn’t hit it off straight off the bat but eventually ended up falling for each other. They married in 2007.



Lorelei Taron is a well-known Argentinian singer and, thanks to her husband, one of the UK’s wealthiest WAGs. Falcao reigns as the Colombian national team’s all-time leading goal scorer and has been playing for the Monaco soccer club since 2013.

16. Lisa & Thomas Müller

Lisa and Thomas Müller were high school sweethearts. They met in 2006 when they were only 17. After dating for two years Thomas popped the question on Christmas Eve at her parent’s home. They waited a year and got married in 2009.



When asked why the couple got married so young, Thomas replied, “Lisa and I have good jobs, and don’t have the problems most young people have with their jobs and studying or money so we thought, why not?”

17. Jessica Sterling & David Ospina

Colombian soccer player David Ospina married model Jesica Sterling in 2012. The couple has two children together, a boy and a girl. The two reportedly met in a club and exchanged information after immediately falling for one another.



Goalkeeper David Ospina currently plays for Arsenal and has been with them since 2014. He has been playing for the Colombian national team since 2007 and in 2014 he was part of the team that made it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

18. Pilar Rubio & Sergio Ramos

TV presenter and Spanish reporter Pilar Rubio started her relationship with Sergio Ramos in 2012 and today the couple has three children together. Rubio left college, where she was studying economics, to pursue a career in modeling. After appearing in a number of men’s magazines she broke into the world of television.



Ramos, after spending his youth in Sevilla’s youth academy, moved over to Real Madrid in 2005. From there Ramos’ career took off. He has represented Spain at three World Cups and won the 2010 FIFA World Cup, getting his name added to the FIFA World Cup Dream Team.

19. Edurne Garcia & David De Gea

Spanish soccer goalkeeper David De Gea’s girlfriend is none other than Edurne, the Spanish singer, actress and TV presenter. She rose to fame in 2005 and even represented Spain in the 2015 Eurovision Contest. Meanwhile, her boyfriend David De Gea is considered by many to be the best goalkeeper in the world.



De Gea began his soccer career at the very young age of 13 with Atletico Madrid and quickly rose to stardom for his talents. He then moved on to Manchester United in 2011 and has been there ever since. He will be representing the Spanish national team at the World Cup.

20. Ana Obregon & Hirving Lozano

Hirving Lozano, known by his nickname Chucky, is one of the star players of Team Mexico in the 2018 World Cup, even though he usually plays for Dutch soccer club PSV. By his side is his wife, Ana Obregon. They started dating in 2014 back when he played for Mexican team CF Pachuca.

hirving lozano

The pair married soon after they started dating, when Chucky was only 18, and today have two kids together. With 47,000 followers on Instagram, Obregon isn’t shy about sharing constant snaps of herself and her star husband. One of Lozano’s teammates, Andres Guardado, said that Lozano “really cares about his family” and added that he is “a person who is calm, joyful and happy.”

21. Lena Terlau & Julian Draxler

Lena Terlau is certainly one of the more low-key WAGs on this list. She like to stay out of the limelight but that doesn’t mean she isn’t showing up at every game to support her main man.



Julian Draxler plays the position of attacking midfielder and winger for Paris Saint-Germain and will be on the German World Cup team. Lena Terlau will most certainly be seen at the World Cup cheering on Draxler in German colors from the stands.

22. Megan Davison & Jordan Pickford

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and his childhood sweetheart Megan Davison have been an item ever since they were only 14 years old. As a show of dedication, she followed him to Liverpool when he was transferred from Sunderland A.F.C. to Everton F.C. He was transferred in a $40 million deal in 2017.

world cup


This will be Pickford’s first World Cup appearance. “It is just a nice feeling, knowing I am capable of doing it and it is what the manager wants. It doesn’t faze me. It is all about game management as well and if you watch the games, I always play out at the right times. I would not take unnecessary risks and I would never try to overkill the players I am passing to,” Pickford said.

23. Annabel Peyton & Jack Butland

England goalkeeper Jack Butland will be showing up to the World Cup with his airline stewardess girlfriend Annabel Peyton. The couple has been together for two years and in May, Butland got down on one knee and proposed. She accepted!

world cup


Butland first announced that he was in a relationship during an interview in which he was asked, “So you’re a multi-millionaire, good-looking footballer and lots of people here want to know one thing, are you single?” to which he replied “No.”

24. Kaya Hall & Phil Jones

Manchester United star defender Phil Jones married Kaya Hall in 2017 in a star-studded ceremony, including his Manchester United teammates. The couple has been together since he was playing for Blackburn Rovers F.C. The two already have one child together.


Phil Jones joined the Blackburn Rovers youth team back in 2002 and remained there until 2009. After that, he moved over to the senior team then transferred over to Manchester United in 2011. Jones will be playing for England at the 2018 World Cup.

25. Fern Hawkins & Harry Maguire

Leicester City defender Harry Maguire has been dating Fern Hawkins for six years now. The two have frequently been seen taking romantic holiday vacations and Hawkins recently graduated from college. You can bet that she will be in the stands cheering on Maguire during the World Cup.


Best Worldwide News

“He has got a fantastic maturity for his age, he takes everything in his stride and nothing fazes him. I don’t expect this call-up to either because he is such a level headed character,” manager Danny Wilson said about Maguire.

26. Gemma Acton & Gary Cahill

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill married Gemma Acton, his longtime love, in June of 2013. Together they have two children and his entire family supports his soccer career. He is widely considered the best defender Chelsea has on the team.

world cup

Celebrity Unfold

Prior to playing for Chelsea, Cahill played soccer for the Bolton Wanderers and before that, Aston Villa. After getting married, Cahill said, “I think marriage has been great for me…it will give me an extra motivation for this season.”

27. Daniela Casal & Eric Dier

When Tottenham Hotspur player Eric Dier was seven, his family moved to Portugal, where he met the love of his life, Daniela Casal. Today, both of them live in the UK and Dier will be part of the England national team.

world cup

Daily Mail

Casal is a regular in the stands at all of Dier’s games. She will certainly be at the World Cup cheering him on and wearing England’s colors, much to the chagrin of her Portuguese family.

28. Millie Savage & John Stones

Center-back John Stones has been with longtime girlfriend Millie Savage since they were just 12 years old. Stones even has a tattoo of her on his arm. He currently plays for Manchester City and is set to start for the England national team.

world cup

Daily Star

The couple just recently bought a $4.6 million home outside Manchester and rumors are swirling that the two are getting ready to start a family. This all coming after there were questions about whether or not they would stay together.

29. Nicky Pike & Ashley Young

Manchester United’s Ashley Young is married to Nicky Pike, his high school sweetheart. The two married in 2015 but were supposed to get married four years earlier, only Young backed out at the last minute. Today, they have two children together.

Ashley Young has been playing for Manchester United since 2011 and will be playing left-back for England at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. You can be sure his wife Nicky Pike will be there to cheer him on.

30. Tugba Şahin & Nuri Şahin

Tugba and Nuri Şahin married back in 2007 and were childhood sweethearts as well as cousins. Nuri Şahin, who grew up in Germany to Turkish parents, currently plays soccer for German team Borussia Dortmund. He set a record by being the youngest player ever to have played in the Bundesliga.

Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images

Not only is Nuri a very talented soccer player, but he’s also incredibly intelligent. He speaks at least five different languages fluently, including Turkish, German, English, Dutch and Spanish. Together, Tugba and Nuri have one son, named Omer.

31. Rebecca Burnett & Jordan Henderson

Off the soccer field, Jordan Henderson is a family man. He is married to Rebecca Burnett and they have two children together. Henderson started his career at Sunderland’s youth club and moved his way up to their senior team.

world cup


In 2011, he was transferred to Liverpool, where he remains today. He plays the position of midfielder. Henderson suffered a crippling heel injury in 2015 and was thought to never be able to play again. Since then he has made a full recovery and made it into England’s 23-man national team for World Cup 2018.

32. Olga Diyachenko and John Obi Mikel

Nigerian national player John Obi Mikel met Olga Diyachenko in 2013 when he lived next door her parents. They started off as friends, but things took a romantic turn for good when they welcomed their set of twin girls to the world in 2015.

Olga Diyachenko and John Obi Mikel

When the twins were born, Obi Mikel was still playing for Chelsea. The couple decided not to give the kids any Russian or Igbo (ethnic Nigerian people) names because according to Diyachenko, “they are citizens of the world.” Today, Obi Mikel plays as midfielder for the Chinese club Tianjin TEDA.

33. Inna Zhirkova and Yuri Zhirkov

On February 1, 2008, Zenit Saint Petersburg player Yuri Zhirkov married Russian model and beauty queen Inna Zhirkova. That same year, they welcomed their son Dmitriy into the world on September, 8th. The former Miss Kaliningrad told Daily Mail it was love at first sight when she met Zhirkov when she was only 17-years-old in 2007.

Inna Zhirkova and Yuri Zhirkov

Zhirkov has been involved in two automotive accidents in his life, but he luckily walked away with very minor injuries not affecting his career. The first accident was in Tambov in 2005, while the other occurred in Kaliningrad  in 2008.

34. Shannon Horlock and Nick Pope

Growing up with her father, the former Manchester City midfielder Kevin Horlock, Shannon Horlock is very accustomed to the world of soccer. This means that living that lifestyle with her boyfriend Nick Pope is a piece of cake.

Shannon Horlock and Nick Pope

When Pope isn’t playing for the English National team, he plays goalkeeper for the Premier League club, Burnley. Horlock and Pope love traveling the world together with some of their favorite places being Dubai, Greece, and Cyprus.

35. Patricia Callero and Fernando Muslera

Ranked as the sixth best goalkeeper in the world by FIFA in 2011, Fernando Muslera plays for the Turkish club Galatasaray and the Uruguay national team. Just as successful is his wife Patricia Callero who has gained major popularity for her modeling, fashion, fitness lifestyle, and amateur golfing, which she documents on Instagram.

Patricia Callero and Fernando Muslera

The couple have a son named Kailash and worked together on a commercial for Turkish Airlines. Before Muslera signed with the Turkish team in 2011, he played for Motevideo Wanderes, Nacional, and the Italian team Lazio.

36. Charlotte and Kleran Trippler

Spurs right back player Klearan Trippler is always cheered on by his wife Charlotte, which means she’s right behind him and the English national team in the 2018 World Cup. While Charlotte and their son Jacob make the best of fans, his wife has decided to keep a low profile.

Charlotte and Kleran Trippler

Charlotte Trippler prefers to keep her life private and out of the limelight, so much so, that her Instagram profile is labeled with “No strangers looking in.” The pair share a beautiful love story as childhood sweethearts. Kleran proposed to his lifelong partner in Cyprus on June 6, 2015 and they tied the knot the following year.

37. Izabel Andrijanic and Mateo Kovacic

Real Madrid midfielder player Mateo Kovacic also plays for the Croatian national team. Since the soccer star has been headhunted by Manchester United, and their rivals Manchester City, for a possible transfer, his wife Izabel Andrijanic has caught the attention of the media.

Izabel Andrijanic and Mateo Kovacic

The couple married in 2017 in a Croatian village, where the two reportedly met. Kovacic likes to feature a lot of Izabel’s shot and videos of her soccer skills and their personal moments on his Instagram.

38. Charlotte Pirroni and Florian Thauvin

When Florian isn’t showing off his skills as winger for Olympique de Marseille and the French national team, he spends time with his girlfriend Charlotte Pirroni, the French model and granddaughter of AS Monaco former coach, Louis Pirroni.

Charlotte Pirroni and Florian Thauvin

The once runner-up Miss France and Miss Côte D’Azur for 2014 and 2015 was already famous for her beauty contests, but she garnered even more fame when she started dating Thauvin. She”’ definitely be cheering for her other half during the 2018 World Cup final.

39. Katrine Friis and Andreas Christensen

It must be Andreas Christensen’s outstanding performances for Premier League club Chelsea that caught the attention of the Danish Katrine Friis. Every great man needs a wonderful woman by his side, so it’s no wonder the Danish national team’s center back gets his very one WAG.

Katrine Friis and Andreas Christensen

The keen Katrine loves to post many football fan posts standing in the box at Stamford Bridge. She’s definitely the ultimate cheerleader for Christensen. With a soccer star as a boyfriend, it’s no wonder that she’s seen shopping at the likes of Cartier, Harrods, Liberty in London. The couple are also the proud owners of their Australasian Shepherd fur baby, Marley.

40. Alondra Garcia Miró and Paolo Guerrero

Model and Peruvian reality TV contestant Alondra García Miró started dating Paolo Guerrero in January, 2015. The Peruvian striker plays for the Peru national team in the World Cup, as well as for the Brazilian club Flamengo.

Alondra Garcia Miró and Paolo Guerrero

This might come as a surprise, but Guerrero has a fear of flying. He claims this fear stems from the death of his uncle José González Ganoza, a Peruvian international goalkeeper, in the Alianza Lima air disaster in 1987.

41. Natalie and Mile Jedinak

The captain of the Australian national soccer team, Mile Jedinak, also happens to captain a beautiful family along with his wife and fashion model Natalie Peacock Jedinak. When Mile isn’t captaining these two squads, he plays as midfielder for Aston Villa.

Natalie and Mile Jedinak

Natalie and Mile married in 2010 and welcomes their first son Andre in November, 2011. They then added another two additional members to their family; Alex in August, 2013 and Leo James in May, 2017. Yep, Natalie is surrounded by a whole lot of special boys.

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