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Waiter ‘Plays Wing Man’ To Save Man Struggling To Pay For Date

Sweaty palms, adjusting the tie, nervous laughter, and staring into one another’s eyes are often visible signs of a couple on their first date. When a young man looked like he was in trouble with a ballooning bill to impress his lady, an astute waiter took notice and stepped in to make one couple’s date night special. Here’s to the heroes in food service and champions of young love.

Sparks Are Flying

Twitter user Tim, under the handle @forwardnotback, was privy to a young couple most likely on their first date. As a young man was insistent that his date could have “whatever she liked and he was paying,” his date was persistent about splitting the bill and repeatedly asked if he was sure.

Seeking to impress his date, the young man’s face paled on seeing the menu and price, but he was persistent about covering everything. Everyone could see how much in love this couple was, as the lovebirds squeezed one another’s hands.

On The House

We’ve all been there at one time or another, seeking to enjoy a coveted evening at a fancy restaurant to woo a love. The waiter attending the couple was quick to notice how much the young man was trying to impress his date and stepped away for a moment.

The couple made a toast to their magical evening with two glasses of water instead of ordering wine. Sensing that money was an issue, the waiter decided to help. The couple had ordered roast beef to keep their bill reasonable, but the waiter wanted to make their date special. After talking to management, the waiter let the couple know that their order of roast beef came “complimentary with the house champagne”.

Believe In A Thing Called Love

Delighted at the turn of events, the couple focused more on the loveliness of their evening and their experience at the restaurant, rather than worry over the cost. Twitter user @forwardnotback felt close to hugging the waiter for his generosity and going so far to make the couple’s evening memorable.

In response to the waiter’s actions, he replied to @forwardnotback, “We’ve all been that young man.” Unbeknownst to the young man on a date, some people believe in the magic of young love and good fortune.

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