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Waitress Pays Kind Gesture To Grieving Customers, And They Pay It Forward In The Sweetest way

A waitress at a local diner frequently served a couple and their newborn baby in the establishment. When she noticed the family was missing a member, she had no idea of the great loss the customers had suffered. So she decided to do something small but nice for the family to help boost their spirits.

A Loving Family

Shaun and Debbie Riddle were happily married and lived in Fort Worth, Texas. The couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Glory in 2015. The family of three would often go to a diner called the West Side Cafe for some good home cooking.

Today / Debbie Riddle

The Riddles went to the cafe so often that they started developing close friendships with other locals and employees. They especially grew close to waitress Kayla Lane, who was a favorite at the cafe. Kayla always remembered customers’ names and orders and took great care of them while they were there. Kayla especially loved Shaun and Debbie, and, of course, Baby Glory.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

At work one day, Kayla noticed Shaun and Debbie come in without Glory. The couple looked very down and out, which was completely different from their normal demeanors. Kayla checked in on them and asked about Glory. She was shocked to discover the truth about the baby girl.

GoFundMe / Debbie Riddle

The parents sadly revealed that Glory had passed away a few weeks prior. The poor baby had fallen victim to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Doctors couldn’t explain it. Both Shaun and Debbie’s hearts were completely shattered.

A Kindhearted Act

Kayla was also devastated for the Riddles. She couldn’t imagine what they were going through. To boost their spirits a little, the waitress decided to do something nice for them. When the couple finished eating, Kayla left them a note of encouragement and revealed that the couple’s meals had been paid for. “We are terribly sorry for your loss,” the note read. “God bless. The West Side Cafe.”

Today / Debbie Riddle

Shaun and Debbie were still hurting but were truly touched by Kayla’s generosity. So much so that they decided to repay her kindness. Discovering that Kayla was waiting tables to pay for school, the couple decided to create a scholarship program in Glory’s memory. It would help Kayla and other students just like her! Most importantly, it would pay honor to Glory in such a great way. A beautiful tribute to this adorable baby!

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