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A Stroll For The Mind: 10 Reasons Why Walking Is Great For Your Mental Health



Every day we’re bombarded by a number of distractions, from typical workday stress to the nonstop buzz of social media. A good workout can help alleviate stress, but we don’t always have the time or energy for a trip to the gym. Thankfully, something as simple as a walk can go a long way towards improving your mental health. Here are 10 reasons why taking a walk is good for both your body and your mind!

Reduces Anxiety

Walking can help take away that feeling of anxiety. Pound the pavement or visit your nearest hiking trail for a good dose of mental relief.

Relieves Depression

Walking releases endorphins,the chemicals in your brain that create feelings of euphoria and happiness. These can improve your general mood and have a positive effect on depression.

Improves Self-Confidence

Take a walk and feel better about yourself just for doing so. It’s an easy way to improve your confidence, self-image, and self-esteem.

Feeding Your Brain

Who says you can’t learn while walking? Download a podcast like Stuff You Should Know and learn about a wide range of topics, from how lion taming works to what really happened in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Getting Better Sleep

Just like a good workout at the gym, taking a walk will get the blood flowing and help you relax, ultimately helping you sleep better.

Being More Productive

Taking a walk can improve your work productivity. Researchers believe that regular exercise results in more energy in the workplace and can improve your creativity as well.

Saving Money

It literally costs nothing to take a walk. Sure, you could get all geared up for a trip to the gym and its high-tech treadmills, but why not just step outside and start walking?

Enjoying Great Outdoors

Once you’ve decided to step outside and begin your walk, you’ll notice things you may have taken for granted, like Mother Nature. Keep walking and enjoy the sights and sounds that only happen outside of the gym.

Taking Control Of Your Life

Walking is your choice. You choose where to go and when to come back. You’re not limited by anyone else’s schedule but your own.

Inspiring Others

With your improved self-esteem and confidence, you’re more likely to meet others who share your passion for walking … and others may feed off of your energy, too.


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