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Water Is Really Only Good For You If You Drink It At This Temperature

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Cold water is undoubtedly refreshing. Although this is most people’s temperature of choice, that ice water actually isn’t doing you any favors. The real healthy choice, believe it or not, is opting to drink warm water over cold. Not yet convinced? Check out this list of warm water health benefits that are bound to change your mind.

Chill Out

First on the list, drinking warm water can improve the central nervous system. This means you are likely to feel less anxious after downing a room temperature glass versus some ice water. We all could definitely benefit from chilling out, but that’s not all warm water is capable of!

Digestion Aid

Drinking warm water can help improve your digestive system. The warm water helps break down food in your stomach while keeping the digestive system working. Those who opt for cold water after they eat will actually suffer because the food in the stomach will harden and create fat deposits in the intestine (Yikes!).

Alleviate Pain

Drinking warm water over cold can also get rid of those aches and pains! Specifically, warm water is really great for cramps because it promotes increased blood flow to the skin while also helping those cramped muscles relax. So whether it’s that time of the month, or you missed your warm-up stretches, grab a glass of warm water and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Forever Young

People come across toxins every day, and these bad guys are responsible for speeding up the aging process. That is unless you drink warm water. Drinking warm water can help repair and increase the elasticity in skin cells. Women, in particular, will benefit from drinking more warm water too as they have more hormones to balance out.

Fight That Fever

Drinking warm water can also help those suffering from a fever. If you drink the warm water quickly, it will immediately reduce your body temperature. This is because it dilates the channels of the body, aiding in blood circulation and eliminating accumulated waste in its path.

So next time you’re out to lunch, take a note out of the Europeans’ book and ask for no ice.


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