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This Weather Forecast’s ‘Special Guest’ Will Have You Rolling Laughing

Meteorologist Josh Judge certainly didn’t see this coming in his forecast. He was doing the morning weather over the weekend when he was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected visitor. Just as he was saying how the sunshine would be increasing, a big furry dog decided to just casually stroll by behind him. It was a sight that caused even a seasoned news professional like Josh to take a second look.

Wake Up Call

“It was very early in the morning and all I knew was that as I’m doing the weather, I suddenly see a dog walking behind me,” Josh said in an interview. “My brain was like, ‘Did a dog just walk behind you?’ I had to pause for a microsecond to make sure that’s what I had just seen!”

It turns out that the dog, a large shaggy black and white Newfoundland named Bella, belongs to Judge’s coworker weekend news anchor Amy Coveno. She had brought Bella into work with her to appear on an upcoming segment about veterinarians later that day.

Stealing The Limelight

Bella apparently decided that she was ready for her 10 minutes of fame a bit early and crashed Josh’s weather forecast. The sweet-natured doggo definitely stole the limelight from the weatherman.

“I was terrified that Josh would be mad at me or that I would get in trouble at work,” Amy said. “But Josh is a PRO. We’ve worked together for 10 years and he made her part of the forecast. Our viewers seemed to really enjoy the surprise.”

Dog Days Of Summer

Once he recovered, good-natured Josh made a joke out of the dog’s sudden appearance. He mentioned how it wasn’t the dog days of summer just yet, but that the temperatures would be warmer than viewers might expect for this time of year.

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