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Weatherman has the Best Reaction When A Precious Puppy Interrupts His Broadcast

No reporter wants to be interrupted in the middle of their segment—unless, of course, the culprit is adorable. And this cheerful, dog-loving weatherman had a precious response to this pup trying to steal his spotlight!

The Pressure Of Being A Reporter

One of the main jobs of a news anchor is to keep themselves composed, cool, and professional while the cameras are rolling. This is especially true for weather reporters! Through rain, shine, and otherwise, meteorologists must deliver one of the most important parts of the news, and ignore even the most significant interruptions.

Still, reporters are only human, and not every segment goes as planned. Sometimes, emerging distractions are too funny, frightening, or stubborn to be ignored! In the case of this hilarious report, there was no way to brush aside the unexpected guest that popped up onscreen!

A Curious Canine’s Hilarious Interruption

Meteorologist Khambrel Marshall is based out of Houston, Texas, where the weather is often wild and unpredictable! His job requires plenty of focus. However, while delivering a weather report on KPRC 2, Marshall was joined by a hysterical little friend!

In the middle of his broadcast, a tiny, white puppy trotted onscreen to join a befuddled Marshall. According to the news station, the canine was set to be featured in the next segment, during which they hoped to find the pup a home. However, the dog, Angel, couldn’t hold in his excitement to be on camera! Luckily, Marshall had the perfect response to the eager pup.

Marshall’s Beyond Precious Response

Rather than shooing the hyper dog away, Marshall paused to greet the little pup. “Oh, look what I got here!” he exclaimed. Even after he playfully interacted with the canine, he wasn’t ready to kick him offscreen. “You wanna do this segment with me?” he asked. From there, Marshall scooped the dog up in his arms and continued reporting!

Of course, Marshall then delivered an adorable report while Angel squirmed happily in his arms! Thankfully, even after Angel’s hilarious moment of fame, the sweet dog still got his own segment. And Marshall gleefully continued to interact with the sweet pup as they dominated the spotlight once again. We can only hope that Angel found a home that watches the weather every morning!

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