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Wedding Plans Happily Changed When Bride Goes Into Labor

Expectant mother Jael Reinhold and John Pulcipher planned to have their wedding day much earlier than Jael’s due date so that they would already be a married couple before the birth of their baby. However, their little one completely threw them off when she arrived exactly on her parent’s wedding date.



“I woke up in labor. I was like, ‘Oh no! What are we going to do?’ Everyone’s still coming,” Jael told the Inside Edition.

The delivery was completely unexpected considering that Jael was only seven-and-a-half-months pregnant but they didn’t have any other choice but to squeeze in the wedding ceremonies somehow since their family members would be arriving from seven different states. Canceling was no longer an option.


Inside Edition

John was left with no choice but to immediately plan an impromptu wedding in the basement of the Munson Medical Center since Jael could not leave the hospital.

The groom and new father immediately told the 70 guests about the sudden change of plans. “I told the guests that were arriving, ‘Wedding’s off but we have a new surprise for you so, stay tuned come back at 5 o’clock.’”


John Pulcipher

Everybody stepped up to make the wedding a success. Jael’s bridesmaids took charge of finding a bridal dress that the new mom could wear comfortably at the ceremonies and a pastor who was a friend of the family already agreed to preside the occasion.

“We had a pastor already lined up and it was actually one of our friends’ parents. We had approached him shortly after we found out we were expecting and he was thrilled to help bless our baby into this world and our marriage. Coincidentally enough, he’s also the hospital chaplain,” John said.


John Pulcipher

The couple’s baby daughter, Briar, was wheeled out in a mobile incubator so she wouldn’t miss the surreal, yet special event.

“It was really neat to have it all at once. It was a blessing,” John concluded.

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