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Weird Restaurants You Need To Visit For The Experience

People go to restaurants mainly for the food and the dining ambiance; a night off where they don’t have to worry about cooking. However, there are restaurants where food is not the main attraction. Read on about some restaurants that don’t just serve you food, but give you a whole other experience to write home about.

Tree Pod Dining

If you ever wanted to pretend to be a bird, try eating in a nest of your own. At the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, you can sit in a woven tree pod 16 feet off the ground. How do you get your food and drinks at this interesting restaurant? Zipline, of course, with your own personal flying waiter!

Cat Vinton


Ithaa (mother of pearl) restaurant is located in the Maldives, 5 meters below the surface of the ocean. It has a 180-degree view of coral gardens and sea life for the diners who eat there. They serve a 6-course dinner while you watch sharks, turtles, stingrays, and fish swim all around you. How cool is that?

Twisted Sifter

Le Panoramic

If you love dinner with a view and are traveling in France, you want to visit Le Panoramic restaurant. The name says it all. Seated on the summit of Brevent Mountain, Le Panoramic gives its diners a panoramic view of Mont-Blanc that can’t be beaten. Don’t worry, you don’t have to climb the mountain to get there; arrive by gondola or cable car!


Ninja New York

The Ninja New York restaurant in Tribeca, New York is not for the easily spooked. You dine in a cave with stone walls and bamboo doors, but that’s not the frightening part. Be prepared for ninjas dressed in appropriate garb to fall from the ceiling and leap from the shadows to serve your food and impress you with their tricks and sword-wielding abilities.


The Nekorobi cat cafe in Tokyo, Japan allows people who enjoy the company of cats to hang out and eat among them. Regular customers explain they’re looking for healing from cats and some can’t afford to keep pets of their own, so they come here. Not only do the cats get interaction with loving humans, but humans get to enjoy the company of their favorite cats without the responsibility of ownership.


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