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Hands Down The Weirdest Wedding Venues Ever

Have you ever been invited to attend a wedding inside a grocery store, at a cemetery, or over a canyon? If you haven’t, you’re obviously not friends with these five daring couples who opted not to get married in a traditional church. Instead, they decided to start their new lives together in some of the oddest places imaginable. You won’t believe the places these couples picked!

A Wedding In Aisle Three

This couple must really love to shop at grocery stores — so much so that Jacqueline and Ross Aronson had their wedding ceremony in the middle of an aisle at Whole Foods. Some people might judge the couple for this decision, but it’s actually romantic. Ross proposed to Jacqueline in the flower aisle at the popular grocery store, so it’s a fitting choice for the newly-married couple.

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Underwater Ceremony

Adrian Park and his bride couldn’t even recite their wedding vows because they had to use oxygen tanks to stay alive. Being one of the most daring couples, the couple decided to get married under the sea in Cancun, complete with witnesses, bouquets, and wedding attire. It couldn’t have been easy to officiate this wedding, but it was exactly what the happy couple wanted.

Instagram via @adrianpark1380

Unique Wedding Guests

This couple took the classic phrase “’til death do us part” quite literally by having their wedding at a cemetery. Joe Hendricks and his bride exchanged their wedding vows in a cemetery in Franklin, Tennessee surrounded by deceased wedding guests. This isn’t exactly what we’d consider the most romantic venue…

Instagram via @joehendricks

Gas Station Wedding

Of all the places you could have your wedding, this couple decided to get married at a gas station. They set up tables for guests, an area for dancing, and had enough space for an enjoyable wedding. Despite the unusual venue, at least the couple was happy and in love with each other.

Instagram via @same_desire

Testing Your Love

This nature-loving couple is another daring pair, deciding to get married on a net stretched over a large canyon in Moab, Utah. The bride, afraid of heights, explained that the wedding proved how much she loved her husband by risking her life. We hope the guests were comfortable, too!

The Hearnes

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