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Welcome to a Cat Universe Where Cats Rule (With a Little Help from Photoshop)

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Cats are everywhere! It’s about time the Internet got another Photoshop meme, and this cat fanatic definitely delivered. Let’s face it – you either love cats or you hate them, there’s really no in-between. But one thing’s for sure – they do have some of the most adorable faces ever. Just imagine what life would be like without cats. Sounds pretty boring, right? 

These adorable furry creatures have definitely made us laugh with their unexpected antics over the years. But one social media account did something a little differently, in a truly unpredictable Photoshop attempt that managed to take off. If you’re not loving cats already, visiting this page will definitely change your mind. But these aren’t just regular cats —they’re canimals! And they are the perfect dose of entertainment everyone needed. So when you’re feeling down, these IG cats will come to the rescue.

Koty Vezde – Cats Are Everywhere

Meet the Koty Vezde Instagram page. The username directly translates to ‘Cats Are Everywhere’ in Russian. The profile belongs to Galina Bugaevskaya, a 29-year-old in Russia who had the brilliant idea of putting cats’ faces on pretty much any animal there is. And, to be honest, the results are pretty amazing. These are without a doubt going to put a smile on your face, so make sure you go through as many photos as possible – they’re truly fantastic.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Galina revealed that she’s incredibly happy with the response of the public. “I am very pleased that so many people appreciated my work. I just learned today that in different countries, they began to publish articles with my collages. People write a lot of warm comments under my works — this is very cool! I am so happy!” She revealed that Photoshop is just one of her hobbies and that she’s absolutely in love with cats. Of course, that’s pretty obvious, right? The idea came to her spontaneously, and we’re so glad it did. 

The Instagram account’s popularity has steadily risen — as of the end of November 2019, Koty Vezde gained more than 31,000 followers. With more exposure and frequent posting, the account will most likely gain more and more fans. And it definitely deserved it.

Galina even started adding a personalized service – you could put your own cat on just about any animal for as little as $5! Best part? It’s not just animals that got the honor of having a cat face. The Instagram page put cats on bread, croissants, and, well, anywhere they could fit. And as we all know, cats fit pretty much everywhere. It’s a perfect match! 

The most adorable cats ever

So if you’re wondering how a snail, a panda, or any other creature or anything else you could think of would look like with a cat’s face, be ready – some of these images are truly hilarious. A cat in a bowl of spaghetti? It looks way better than you could imagine! It’s about time cats get the Internet respect they deserve and this IG profile just highlights how adorable they are. Let’s face it – the world without cats would not be the same. 

Time to sit back, relax, and get ready for a belly full of laughs. New cat photos are added to this account almost every day, providing you with plenty of new reasons to giggle. Don’t forget to show this to someone who absolutely hates cats – see if this IG account can change their minds! 

Now brb, time to look at more cats, along with everyone else in the world.

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