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Why The ‘1 Alcoholic Bev’ Meme Is Taking Over The Internet

The “1 alcoholic bev” meme is a celebration of lightweights and victims of the loose tongue that occurs after just that one drink. It’s relatable as all get out but in a funny, positive way. We’ve all been there. Something about that drink hits you like a freight train, and the next thing you know, you’re reenacting scenes from “The Office” or revealing your deepest, darkest secrets to people you’ve never met. From there, it’s just a snowball effect down the hill into Tipsy Town. Twitter’s all up in the meme at the moment, and you know Twitter’s got the jokes. Take a peep at some of the best tweets and try not to say “same.”

From Boring to Baryshnikov

Both hands up if you’ve ever reached the bottom of your wine glass and decided that it’s time for a dance party. Not only that, but you’re also on the VIP list.

@JakeBeTweeting via Twitter

You end up on a table or using the porch post as a pole to show off all your best moves. Happens to the best of us.

From No-Carb to Nuggets

The best intentions go down the tubes when that one cocktail hits you just right. One second you’re applauding yourself for your relatively fat-free vodka tonic. The next, you’re on your way to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. Oooh, or maybe Denny’s for a Grand Slam.

@quaker_tom via Twitter

From Cold Shoulder To ‘Come On Over’

At the beginning of the night, you’re ice. Your resolve is strong. You’re not playing mind games, and you refuse to send a text first. Perish the very thought! But you’re at a new hipster joint, and their Moscow Mule game is strong, so before the night is through, you’re texting eggplant emojis like the rent is due.

@WanderlustMayo via Twitter

What’s the worst—or the best—that 1 alcoholic bev has ever done to you? Let us know. Better yet, now that you’ve got the format down, take yourself to Twitter and share your finest, funniest efforts.

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