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This Widow Didn’t Expect An Homage To Her Deceased Husband To Spur A Movement Of Good Deeds

Velvet Povermo had been married to her husband Charlie for over forty years. After a shocking and untimely death due to a heart attack, she was absolutely devastated. When Povermo came up with what she thought was a reasonable solution to dealing with her grief, she was stunned at the effect it had on everyone around her.

A Beloved Citizen

Charlie Povermo wasn’t just loved by his wife. He worked at a local bar called Grissini Ristorante and was appreciated and respected by every patron and co-worker. People would even call to see if he was working, and if he wasn’t they wouldn’t even come in.

Facebook / Velvet Proveromo

He was known by all as a devoted husband and magnetic personality that everyone loved to be around. Unfortunately, his hard work at the bar was what ended his life.

An Unfortunate Accident

It was a chaotic night at Grissini’s, and Povermo was working overtime to help out other servers at the establishment. He must have pushed himself too far, as that night he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Facebook / Grissini

Povermo never made it home, and Violet never got to say her final goodbyes to the love of her life. One day, she figured out how she would carry on his memory and feel closer to her husband’s spirit.

The Sign That Rocked The Community

When a heatwave had rolled through the state of New Jersey, where the couple lived, Charlie Povermo had put out a cooler with bottled water for any public worker who needed it. When another one hit after Charlie’s passing, Violet decided she would bring out his cooler but this time with a sign stating he passed but that she would try to continue his generous tradition.

Facebook / Velvet Proveromo

Public workers saluted her, people sent anonymous donations to her house, and even 13 states started implementing the act using the hashtag “CharliesCooler.” It went viral. She never realized the effect it would have on others, but she knows that Charlie would be proud.

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