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Wife Catches Her Husband Terrorizing The Neighborhood As Michael Myers And She Is Not Pleased

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We all know that one person who is way too into Halloween. For Sabrina Zimmerman, that person is her husband. Zimmerman recently posted a hilarious video of her reaction to finding her husband biking around their neighborhood dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movie franchise.

The video has since gone viral and the Internet is quite amused by Zimmerman and her husband’s spooky antics.

The Video That Has The Internet Cracking Up

Zimmerman was driving her son home from football practice, and when she pulled into the neighborhood she noticed a man in a Michael Myers mask riding a bicycle through the neighborhood. But Zimmerman wasn’t alarmed by this strange sight, she was annoyed.

She pulled out her phone and began to record the interaction between her and ‘Michael Myers,’ who she knew was actually her husband, Evan Zimmerman. As her husband comes into a better view of the camera, he can be seen riding a pink bicycle with a bike trailer behind it. What’s in the bike trailer? A skeleton baby!

Sabrina can be heard on the video yelling at her husband, “Oh my God. What the hell are you doing? Oh my God, are we these people now? Riding around with a skeleton baby and my bike?”

And how does Evan respond to this scolding by his wife? By simply staring into the camera in as creepy a way as possible and saying nothing.

Sabrina continues by telling her husband to, “Get home or I’m going to have you committed.” Evan continues to bike around the neighborhood unbothered by his wife’s reprimands.

The video ends with Sabrina saying to her son, “I leave to pick you up for a football game and your dad does this c**p.” Her son, the couple’s eldest, simply laughs. Just like his mother, he’s used to his father’s creepy Halloween antics.

The Michael Myers Of Decatur

Though Sabrina seems shocked and annoyed by her husband’s antics in the video, it’s all in good fun. In fact, she’s quite familiar with her husband’s propensity for dressing up as Michael Myers and terrorizing the neighborhood. He’s been doing it every October since 2012 when he returned from serving his country overseas.

The neighbors have become used to seeing Michael Myers hanging out around the neighborhood, being generally creepy and hilarious. Evan usually confines his spooky pranks to the neighborhood, but sometimes he can be seen around downtown Decatur as well.

Sabrina and Evan run a Facebook page where they share photos and videos of the ‘Michael Myers of Decatur’ all around town. And though she plays at exasperation in her new video, Sabrina is just as into the Halloween hijinks as her husband. The Facebook page has multiple photos and videos where she’s joining in on the Halloween fun.

Photos and videos on the Facebook page also show Evan as Michael Myers doing hilariously spooky things like peeking into the window of their son’s karate studio, ‘stealing’ a riding mower and driving it around the neighborhood, and putting his baby skeleton into a car seat for a drive.

Sabrina and Evan have been uploading content to the Facebook page for over five years now, and they’ve got a solid social media fan club. And that fan club has certainly expanded since their latest video went viral.

The video was featured on The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe Today Show, and the couple was invited to appear on Access Hollywood. Their Facebook page now has over 162,000 likes, and their fans comment on their posts regularly.

Several Halloween lovers have posted comments saying that they wished they lived in the Zimmerman’s neighborhood, so they could see Evan’s pranks each year.

These Halloween lovers will be back next October, and we’ll all be watching to see what they do next!

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