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Wife Reveals She’s Husband’s Kidney Donor through Customized Baseball Card

Steve Winfree is a huge baseball fan and avid baseball card collector. He is also suffering from a kidney disease that requires him to undergo regular dialysis. But his suffering will soon end because he is getting a kidney transplant from his wife, Heather.

Heather revealed the good news to Steve using the one thing he treasures the most – baseball cards! Heather had a customized baseball card made featuring a photo of Steve in front and a message on the back sharing he is about to get a kidney transplant and that she would be the kidney donor.

In a video posted by Heather on YouTube with the title, “My Husband Finds Out That I’m Donating My Kidney to Him.” Steve can be seen flipping through several baseball cards until he sees his very own card. Heather asked him to read the note on the back of the card, which read: “Steve has a lot on his plate with his health issues, he was striking out a lot. He was not sure how he was going to wind up. His wife, Heather, thinks he’s a great catch so his wife decided to go up and bat for him. Now, Steve will be a rookie recipient at Vanderbilt Transplant Center where his wife, Heather will be pitching a new kidney to him.”

After realizing what the card meant, Steve could no longer contain his emotions and started bawling. Heather was also crying because of happiness as she explained that she just found out they were a match.

Steve immediately shared the news on his Twitter page posting: “I’m getting a new kidney!! My wife is a match!!!! I can’t believe it!! I’m bawling my eyes out right now!”

Heather, who Steve described as “my beautiful superhero wife,” was also given recognition by the U.S. Congress for her “heroic efforts to save the life of her husband.”

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