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Wife Vanishes With 3 Kids; Man Learns Horrifying Truth 15 Years Later

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Imagine coming home to find that your wife and three children are gone. That’s exactly what happened to John Clark, and it would take nearly 15 years before he found out where they had gone.

New Mexico, 1995 – Returning From Work

It was an ordinary evening in 1995 when John left work and returned home to have his life turned upside down. Things weren’t perfect in his marriage, but he hadn’t expected what was waiting for him.

There was a note. Eileen, John’s wife, had left John a single piece of paper. She hadn’t left him, she said. Instead, she was going on vacation with their boys.

Never To Be Seen Again?

John was worried when he saw the note and as time moved forward, he became frantic. He wouldn’t hear from his wife or his boys ever again. Eileen was even included on the “most wanted” list from the FBI, but there was simply no news of them.

John refused to give up. He continued to search for his sons working with the help of lawyers, private investigators and the FBI to track down any lead no matter how remote.

15 Years Of Silence Shattered

It was 15 years later that John finally heard from the FBI. They had found Eileen and his sons. They were alive and well. But why had they disappeared in the first place?

Eileen says it’s because John was an abusive husband and she had been too frightened to tell him she was leaving him. John says this simply isn’t true and he’s distraught at missing the chance to see his children grow up. The family was eventually reunited on the Dr. Phil show, and they shared their story with the world. You can see it in the video below:

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