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Wild Squirrel Returns To Her Rescuers’ Home To Give Birth

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In October 2016, Simone Serfontein was visiting a friend in their native South Africa. She noticed that a baby squirrel, later named Dingetjie, had fallen out of her nest. The poor thing called for her mom, but the mom was nowhere to be found. Simone refused to leave Dingetjie behind. Instead, she took the baby squirrel home to nurse her back to health. Simone and her boyfriend Christof raised Dingetjie like one of their own, feeding her and keeping her warm. Pretty soon, Dingetjie became a part of the family.

Letting Go

Though Dingetjie was comfortable in her new environment, Simone knew that the squirrel was still a wild animal. After a few months, she and Christof made the decision to release Dingetjie back into the wild.

Simone and Christoff live in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Naturally, there were concerns about how Dingetjie would survive on her own. However, when Dingetjie hit the grass for the first time in weeks, her natural instincts kicked in. She was ready, and Simone and Christoff sadly said goodbye. Little did they know, that goodbye wouldn’t be forever…

Coming Home

Dingetjie would regularly come back to her old home to say a quick hello. Simone and Christof would even leave their window open to allow the squirrel to come in when she wanted. Dingetjie balanced being out in the wild and still coming to spend time with her human family.

Before too long, Dingetjie became pregnant. Sadly, the baby was stillborn. However, a year later, the squirrel found herself pregnant again and knew exactly where to go to give birth.

Full Circle

Dingetjie came right back to Simone and Christof’s house for her second pregnancy. The couple gave the squirrel a bunch of toilet paper rolls to build a nest in their home. In her comfort zone, Dingetjie built several nests in the house.

Dingetjie eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl squirrel, and Simone and Christof were there to support her throughout. The squirrel even lets the couple touch and hold her baby, trusting that her family has their best interests at heart. Though Dingetjie and her baby spend most of their time outdoors, the two regularly find their way back to Simone and Christoff. It looks like that relationship will never fade!

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