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93-Year-Old ‘Willy Wonka’ Has Passed Out Thousands Of Chocolate Bars To His Community

This elderly man, who has been dubbed a “Willy Wonka,” is making a positive impact on his community by passing out golden tickets of chocolate and happiness.

The Candy Man

Each week, 93-year-old Bob Williams of Long Grove, IA goes to the local dollar store. He buys a huge box of Hershey’s chocolate bars, with plans to give them away to those in his community. The first bars always go to the cashiers and those behind in line. Then Bob will hand out bars to those entering the store.

This sweet gesture has been going for the past 11 years. Since he started, Bob has given away almost 6,000 candy bars! “You’d think that I’d given them keys to a new car,” he shared in an interview. “They’re thrilled.”

An Idea To Give Back

To those around his area, Bob is lovingly known as “The Candy Man.” He started his kind tradition after reading newspapers encouraging people to pay it forward. With so many others doing small acts of kindness in their communities, the elderly man thought of a way he could do the same.

Bob also gives the chocolate in memory of his loving wife, Mary Elizabeth. The two were married for 69 years, and he would often give her chocolate too. Now he pays her visits at her memorial bench sitting along a bike trail, where he lovingly lays a chocolate bar.

Smiles For All

Bob has definitely made a great impact on his community over these years. “It doesn’t matter if he knows you, [or] if you’re a stranger,” one woman shared. “Everybody feels special when they get chocolate.”

Even the Hershey Company was impressed with Bob’s actions. Executives not only had company employees pass out candy bars across the country, but they gave Bob $1,500 to continue his tradition. With the love and support of those around him, this elderly “Willy Wonka” certainly will!

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