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Winter Essentials: How To Embrace The Danish Spirit Of Hygge

A refuge against the cold. Quiet time with others. A warm drink by a fireplace. All of these show Hygge: a Danish concept of warmth, comfort, and friendship. The holidays are high-time for the spirit of Hygge. Here are some ways you can infuse the concept into your life and home.

Connect With Others

Friendships are the heart and soul of Hygge. Bringing people together. Connections. New Understandings. Quiet moments between friends. The better known, cozy elements of Hygge like warm drinks or fireplaces are designed to enhance the spirit of conviviality that Hygge embraces. Each cozy element is valuable, but they mean more when they are shared with others.


Savor The Shelter From Cold And Dark Days

In winter, the nights are long and cold – the darkest of the year. Sometimes there is snow, fierce winds, or freezing rain. Your home is a shelter from all of this. Embrace it. Make it as cozy as possible. Candlelight, fireplaces, and blankets on bedding, chairs, and couches make home a welcoming and comfortable place.


Curl Up With A Good Book . . . And Socks

A good read makes cold days of winter pass quickly. Thick socks keep feet warm and cozy. Pairing them can help you sink into a delicious afternoon or evening of solitude and comfort. The combination may even bring about a lingering sense of restfulness — or a long overdue cat nap.


Sip Warm Beverages

Hot chocolate, mulled wine, mochas, Irish Cream coffees. These beverages warm you from the inside out. Enjoy them with friends and conversation. Or enjoy them with a good book or a long movie. They can help you sink into some down time, reconnect with others, or warm up from the elements.


Enjoy A Beautiful View Of Winter

Winter is visually lovely. Depending on where you live, almost every day can bring soft snow drifts, quiet forests, large and quiet mountain ranges, powder-covered rooftops, mysterious animal tracks, and sparkling icicles. Find a peaceful moment to enjoy this through a picture window in your home. The view is better from under a throw blanket or while sipping your favorite warm drink.


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