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This Wisconsin Walmart’s Witty Facebook Page Is Making Us Cry With Laughter

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Working in retail may feel like there’s no room for showing off one’s personality, but one Walmart in De Pere, Wisconsin knows differently. Online the De Pere Walmart Facebook’s page, staff readily pose for funny, creative photos. Local shoppers enjoy commenting on the posts, featuring employees holding “succulent and sweet” corn, or the “finest juiciest” apples, and witty captions. The mix between social media and marketing must-have items at bargain prices never looked so fun.

Service With A Smile

It’s a rite of passage for many to work for a major retail store, and Walmart is one of the most recognized in the United States. Customers flock to Walmart for its signature “rollback prices” and are greeted by employees donning blue vests. One Walmart in De Pere, Wisconsin, is shedding some light on the people behind the blue vest and name tag.

Using the power of social media, The Walmart in De Pere posts charming photos of its staff hawking wares with a smart sense of humor. There might not be another Facebook page for a Walmart that makes use of the word “succulent” so much, but it’s funny. Adam is the primary star of the staged Facebook posts; he stands proudly with corn on the cob, cherries, and buttery brioche hamburger buns.

Warm Walmart Welcome

Adam isn’t the only Walmart staff with a cheeky narrative about how badly he wants customers to purchase items. Simba, Jim,  and Noah also get there share of the limelight working at the De Pere Walmart. Simba happily poses with ears of “succulent corn” when they drop in price from 40 to 25 cents. Jim shows off his Wisconsin pride, wearing a smile, big cheese hat, and bleeding green and gold when it’s game day Sunday.

Looking through the posts on the Facebook page of De Pere Walmart, you can’t help but laugh and want to stop by the store. The rapport that locals build with Walmart through the posts of Adam, Simba, and other staff comes naturally. Jim shows off with a Green Bay Packers crockpot in hand. AJ, on his last day, amps up “succulent candy corn” and calls himself “ORANGE ADAM.” Simba goes the extra mile for a post, standing on a ladder to advertise apples.

A Human Touch

Other Walmart locations could learn a thing or two about marketing their products and brand from the Walmart at De Pere, Wisconsin. The employees are allowed to be themselves, let their personalities shine through, and know how to have fun with words. It’s so ridiculous seeing Adam poised strategically with a seedless watermelon, while a caption reads, “You can eat them sliced or eat one whole like a cherry.” The new guy, Noah, got a feature on the Facebook page that is relatable. While Noah poses with a pack of hangers, his caption reads, “…Noah has been having nightmares about hangers for days. At $1 for 18 pack hangers, please help end Noah’s nightmares.”

Online Reddit, Walmart staff member AJ shared a cheeky feature posing with Valentine’s Day candy “for  both his wife and his girlfriend.” User theydontknowmewell responded, “Too funny,” Another Reddit user, LaceyTiara chimed in, “Busted.” Online the Walmart De Pere Facebook page, locals get in on the action. User Kyle Kearney commented on a post, “Adam and Simba joining forces for some succulent savings!” Cat Hahn said it best with, “I don’t know how you do it, Simba. Maintaining Adam’s level of succulentless while holding SECOND corn. I am speechless.” If more people start using the word “succulent” to the point it becomes trendy; we can all thank the lovely people working at this Midwestern Walmart.

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