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Woman Adopts Dog That Turns Out To Be Her Long-Lost Childhood Pooch

For many families, the addition of a household pet such as a dog can bring much joy and a further sense of family. For Nicole Grimes, this was precisely the case. She loved her pet dog more than anything. A love that still holds strong to this day.

Chloe’s Childhood Dog

When Nicole Grimes was just nine years old, her family welcomed a Pomeranian-poodle mix named Chloe into their home. Nicole had been there by her puppies side since she was very young, a bond that carried on into the girls teenage years.

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Known for her kisses and playful spirit, it seemed the two were inseparable. Until one day, circumstances forced the Grimes to put their dog up for adoption.

Devastating Separation

Nicole’s father began working from home, his job requiring focus and attention to detail. According to Nicole, her father threatened to give away her best friend Chloe, who was too much of a distraction to her father.


The young girl did her best to keep Chloe well behaved but was unable to satisfy her fathers request. One day after school Nicole and her father dropped Chloe off at a shelter, the tragic separation sticking with Chloe throughout her later teens and into adulthood.

An Unsuspecting Reunion

For years Chloe tried to keep in touch with her beloved family pet. Even going so far as to contact the Humane Society without any luck. It seemed her search would be futile until a crazy turn of events.


After getting married and giving birth to a child, Nicole wanted her kid to have the same joy as she did by having a dog. In searching for a pet, she came across a Facebook post with a senior dog in need of a new home. She thought it was great coincidence that the dog loked very similar to the one she’d had as a child. Her suspicions were confirmed after using the dogs tracking chip to discover the dog she had adopted, was in fact the same one from her childhood! When the two finally met, the dog ran straight to Nicole and bombarded her with doggy kisses. Having been apart for eight years, the separated duo ended up reuniting in the most magical way possible.

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