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Woman Makes Boyfriend Choose Between Her Or The Dog, And His Response Is Incredible

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Most people with pets consider them to be more than just mere animals. They become part of the family. So when a woman gave her boyfriend an ultimatum––to choose either her or his dog––he had a hard decision to make. However, the man’s next move would definitely be unforgettable.

A Longtime Relationship

An unnamed man from Roanoke, Virginia, had been with his girlfriend for several years. They were both in love with each other, and pretty happy spending time together. However, this was also another furry friend that meant the world to the man. It was a friend who, sadly, would come between him and the love of his life.

More Than A Pet

Molly the beagle was so precious to the man from the second he got her. She was adorable and loving but was full of energy. Maybe a little too much energy. The girlfriend soon became annoyed with the pup’s wild behavior. Not only that, but she didn’t like how her boyfriend was so focused on Molly.

Three’s A Crowd

Over time, the girlfriend began to feel like she was playing second fiddle to a dog. The man tried everything to make both his girlfriend and Molly happy. He planned activities that they could all do together. He even had his girlfriend move in, so that they could spend more time together. But, that wasn’t enough.

A Serious Ultimatum

The girlfriend still felt like the man was putting Molly above her. She also felt like the beagle’s energetic behavior was too over the top for her taste. So the woman gave her boyfriend an ultimatum. Either the dog would go or she would. The man was heartbroken but he soon came to a decision.

Saying Goodbye

The man decided to post an ad on Craiglist, seemingly looking for a new home for Molly. He mentioned that his girlfriend didn’t like her, and shared traits that many believed were about the beagle. But, in a hilarious twist, the man was actually posting about his now EX-girlfriend! Tired of her games and hatred of his beloved dog, the man broke up with the woman for good. So much for that ultimatum!

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