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Woman Meets The Daughter She Gave Up For Adoption

A Difficult Choice

Back in 1984, Rita made the hard decision to give her newborn daughter up for adoption. As a young mother back then in Green Bay, Wisconsin, she didn’t feel like she could truly provide a great life for her daughter. However, she was hopeful that another good, loving family could.


Though Rita’s daughter was not around physically, she was always in Rita’s heart. Rita constantly thought about her child, wondering if the girl was safe and doing well with her adoptive family. Little did Rita know that she would soon find out for herself!

Connecting The Dots

Meanwhile, Megan Meier had just mailed off a DNA test to 23andMe. She knew that she was adopted, and wanted to try to find out more about her biological family. She received her results in January 2018 and came across a man named Rick, who was supposedly her second cousin. Megan reached out to him, and he revealed that his first cousin had given a baby girl up for adoption in 1984. Megan was stunned.

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Through Rick, Megan was able to get in contact with Rita and asked for proof that Rita was indeed her birth mom. Conard sent Meier baby pictures she’d received from the adoption agency and a letter from the mom who raised Meier. The two emailed for months, getting to catch up and find out new things about each other. Finally, the time came for them to meet in person… just in time for Mother’s Day! 

Finally Reunited

Megan and Rita finally were able to meet with the help of 23andMe a few days before Mother’s Day. Megan, who came with her adoptive mom, also met her biological grandmother for a brunch in NYC. It was a beautiful time for the women to get to know each other!


After this great experience, Megan and Rita plan to grow their relationship. In fact, Megan also hope to go to Wisconsin this summer to meet the rest of her biological family!

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