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Woman Who Disguised Herself As A Bush To Record Sister’s Proposal Has The Internet Twigging Out

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When you get engaged, you hope someone was around to capture the moment your significant other got down on one knee and proposed to you. It would be a photograph you would always cherish. Luckily, Rachel Merkel didn’t have to worry when her boyfriend, Andrew Phillibeck, asked for her hand in marriage. Her sister, Therese, secretly took a photo of the proposal. How did she disguise herself? She dressed up as a bush, of course!

Best Friends First, Sisters Second

Rachel and Therese are sisters who happen to also be best friends. They love to have sleepovers together and they have had plenty of memories over the years. They’re like Tommy and Dil from Rugrats, where they would do anything for each other and always have each other’s backs, no matter what. They have mutual friends and shared experiences. They have unconditional love for each other.

Because of their close bond, it shouldn’t be that surprising when Phillbeck asked Therese if she would be involved in the proposal. “We had an hour-long phone call where he asked for my approval to be wed and then come up with something great for this huge moment,” Therese said. “Me and my sister are incredibly close, so I’m like the second string of parents he has to go through. We didn’t make it easy.”

After all, Rachel is her best friend, so Therese had to make sure that whoever married her sister would have to be the perfect person for her. But she agreed that Phillbeck was the right choice, so she happily agreed to help participate in the proposal. After all, Therese knew Rachel would want her best friend there in some way.

Because she knows her sister more than most people, Therese thought she would try her best to capture the proposal on camera. It was a photo the couple would want to keep forever. But Therese had to be careful—very careful.

Capturing The Special Moment

Therese was so excited for her sister and she couldn’t wait to be a part of the proposal. But she didn’t want to spoil the special moment. If Rachel saw her there, she would grow suspicious. She would know it wasn’t an ordinary day. Something amazing was about to happen.

So, on the day of the proposal, September 21, 2019, Therese camouflaged herself as a bush to hide on the walking trail the soon-to-be-engaged couple was walking on. She impatiently waited for the proposal to happen. She had to be sneaky, but she managed to be successful. She captured the proposal on camera, and she shared the pictures on Twitter. It shouldn’t be surprising the post went viral.

Going Viral

Therese’s Twitter post garnered 180,000 likes and 22,000 retweets. The post also attracted the attention of various media outlets, including Stylist Magazine, The Sun Online, and BuzzFeed. People couldn’t stop laughing that Therese successfully dressed up as a bush for her sister’s engagement.

Twitter user [@hbhOregon] commented, “Sometimes heroes do wear capes,” praising the Michigan native’s ability to dress up as a bush. Another user [@spencerthetired] shared, “Your parents must be proud. I’m sure they’re proud of her [Rachel] too.” Other users said Therese should become a spy. She certainly has the skills to be as secretive as possible.

Therese was surprised at the attention her social media post has received, but she isn’t complaining. She was happy to share the fun, special moment with others, and she’s hoping it can inspire others to be creative and perform acts of kindness for your siblings. Therese commented, “Maybe it’s not even the fact that I was a bush that went viral. It may just be the warmth people feel when they know how far a sister-sister duo will go for each other.”

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