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Woman Takes Her Dog For A Walk And Makes A Disturbing Discovery

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a woman was out and about with her dog, when the dog sensed something was off and began whining. Following her pup’s lead, the woman walked over to the spot where the canine was barking. She was absolutely shocked and disturbed at what they managed to find…

A Strange Noise

Charmaine Keevy was out taking her rescue pup, Georgie, for a walk. Everything was fine until Georgie began barking wildly at a storm drain. Charmaine moved towards the drain, and thought she heard a cat meowing. It would make sense that her dachshund would bark at that. But what Charmaine found instead would throw her for a major loop! 

Herald Live / Eugene Coatzee

An Unsettling Discovery

As Charmaine got on her knees to hear better, she was surprised to hear that it wasn’t a cat making the noise. It was a baby crying! Charmaine managed to flag down a car that was passing by and pleaded for help. A man, Cornie Viljoen, pulled over and immediately worked with Cornie to try to rescue the infant…

Deccan Chronicle

The Brave Rescue

Cornie took a steel bar from his car to attempt to pry open the huge piece of concrete that covered the storm drain. Someone had clearly done the same to leave the baby there in the first place. Once the drain was open, Cornie dropped down six feet into the drain to rescue the baby. During the bold rescue mission, he was stung by a colony of ants. He didn’t care, though. He had to save this child whose life still hung in the balance…

The Sun

A Very Close Call

Cornie found the poor baby, a girl, was lying naked with her umbilical cord still attached. He carefully picked up the infant in case she was injured, and he and Charmaine waited for paramedics. Once at the hospital, the baby girl was treated for hypothermia and respiratory issues. However, she would survive, thankfully. And it was all because Charmaine took a detour on that morning walk…

Facebook / Cornie Viljoen

A Pure Miracle

Charmaine discovering this precious baby girl was nothing short of a miracle! She and Georgie usually go a different path on their walks together. However, that day, Charmaine felt led to go another way. If she hadn’t, this baby definitely would not have survived. “I honestly believe I was meant to find that baby by God,” Charmaine shared in an interview. “I cannot help but feel that there is some sort of a plan and a purpose for that little girls’ life – it is a miracle without a doubt.”

Facebook / Kingfisher FM

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