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She Searched For A Faux-Wedding Date And Ended Up Finding The Love Of Her Life

Let’s face it: sometimes, going stag to a social event just isn’t an option, especially when your ex is there. But when this lucky woman turned to Craigslist for a wedding date, she got far more than she bargained for!

A Jealousy-Driven Plan

When Jessica Huey was invited to a close friend’s wedding in 2013, she dreaded the idea of attending the event alone. It wasn’t merely because she felt less empowered without a wedding date. Her ex-boyfriend was attending as well, and she simply had to make sure he’d be jealous. So she hatched a plan to find a perfect date for the wedding.

Huey soon turned to Craigslist, where she uploaded her plea for a date and a list of requirements for each potential suitor to follow. She admitted that it might be a “wonderfully awkward wedding,” considering that she had fallen out of touch with many of the people there. Still, Huey’s advertisement wasn’t neglected because of this. In fact, responses to her plea for a wedding date came pouring in. One near-perfect response, in particular, caught her attention.

A Hilariously Perfect Response

Huey’s heart was stolen by an email from a man named RJ Stieger. He replied to her Craigslist post because it reminded him of “The Wedding Date”. Stieger fit all of her requirements and then some, including being taller than her, knowing how to ballroom dance, and promising to make her ex-boyfriend jealous! But Huey wasn’t ready to commit to Stieger yet.

Since Stieger didn’t attach a photo of himself, Huey nearly passed him over. However, his many attractive qualities on paper made her continue to return to his response. Finally, Huey decided to set up an interview with Stieger. Rather than merely discussing the details of the wedding with him, they ended up talking for hours. Soon, their faux-date turned into something grander than they ever expected.

From Faux-Boyfriend To Unparalleled Soulmate

While Huey had been set on taking a fake boyfriend to the event, Stieger and Huey began to date for real before the wedding even happened. By the time they attended the event, they were in a serious, committed relationship! Huey no longer felt the need to show off to her ex-boyfriend. Besides, Stieger stole the show.

Stieger’s friendliness and bubbly personality made him a hit at the wedding. Their faux-meeting story of him helping her with a “flat tire” entertained the crowd. Now, nearly five years after the wedding, Stieger and Huey are planning their own special day! Who knew a Craigslist ad could lead to a dream husband?

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