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Woman Returns To Hotel Room To Find It Occupied (By A Polar Bear!)

Malin Stark, a nature guide in Norway, was returning one Sunday morning from giving a tour when she noticed something was in her hotel room. A polar bear took it upon himself to enter the hotel and rifle through it while she was gone. She came back to him sticking his head out her window.

Curious Creatures

Maybe he was hungry or maybe he was curious, but this polar bear decided to take a break from the outdoors and seek refuge inside the local hotel. People in Svalbard are used to polar bears getting more comfortable in populated areas because of environmental changes.

The bear searched through the hotel to see what he could see before wandering into Stark’s room and locking himself inside.

A Large Bear Stuck In A Tight Place

Not knowing how to get out, the huge bear started to make himself at home. He nosed through all the items in the room before he noticed an open window at the far end. Surely he could make it out!

Like Pooh Bear, he was too large to fit out the small window. Or so he thought.

A Slick Escape

He was likely stressed out from his ordeal and the last thing humans want to do is approach a stressed out bear. As they were trying to figure out how to get the bear out of the hotel, a helicopter arrived.

The loud sound of the whirring blades was enough motivation for the polar bear to squeeze his body through the window. First his head, then his paws, followed by his body. He ran home to tell his family about his adventures of the day.

During his stay, he broke some wine bottles and made a bit of a mess, but at least no one was hurt. He left with only a small cut on his paw.

Watch his daring escape!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved