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How This Woman Made It Her Life’s Mission To Save Stray Dogs In Turkey

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In Kastamanou, Turkey there’s a huge population of stray dogs that roam the streets and brushy areas. Many of them have been dumped there by previous owners and, as expected, they’re not all in great condition. Though the dogs do what they can to find food and shelter, there was generally a lack of care among them and more dramatically, signs of malnourishment and the results of abuse. While most humans in the area turned a blind eye towards these animals in need one woman, Sebahat Hanifeoglu, couldn’t do the same. When she saw how much the dogs needed she made a choice to help them, even though it meant dramatically changing her life.

First Steps To Help The Strays

Hanifeoglue believed that the dogs deserve the same standard of love, care, and attention that all living things should have. She started her outreach by making simple visits to the dogs. She brought them food and water, showed them affection, and made repeat stops in the same areas. Here’s a little bit about Hanifeoglue and her work:

Over time, the dogs learned that they could trust her. They weren’t afraid of her and let her help them. As the dogs in one area got to know her, she added to her outreach and covered more areas. She helped as many as she could but always found that there were more animals in need.

Providing Shelter Against The Elements

While providing food and water made a positive impact on the animals, Hanifeoglue also knew that they were in dire need of shelter against the elements. She raised money and other donations and gathered a group of volunteers to help build the housing, and positioned it on a garbage field that she expected no one would care about. Unfortunately, she was wrong. The humans, who previously ignored or possibly abused the animals, damaged, destroyed or stole the shelters once they were built. It made Hanifeoglue’s job harder but she didn’t waiver.


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Expanding Services For The Strays

In her determination to help the strays, Hanifeoglue began a search to identify and fund a permanent piece of property where she could position the dog’s shelter and keep locals away from the land. She would also use the location to place a treatment area for helping with medical issues like mange (which the dogs were more susceptible to because of malnourishment), illness, injuries, and the need to spay and neuter them to prevent overpopulation. Ultimately, she is planning for an emergency shelter that would house between 100 and 200 dogs.

Founding A Nonprofit Organization

Hanifeoglue has made progress, but her work doesn’t happen without the help of volunteers, work to organize the volunteers, and funding. To allow her work to go further, she established a nonprofit organization called Dumpsterdoggies. The website shows photos of the dogs, shares the dogs’ stories and provides progress updates on how individual dogs are doing as well as how the project is going overall. The website also takes donations to support Hanifeoglue’s work for the long term. The organization also runs a Facebook and an Instagram page to keep supporters up to date on their work.

Results So Far

Hanifeoglue and her Dumpsterdoggies organization have shown impressive results. There are now seven service areas, totaling approximately 300 Kilometers, for outreach to the animals. Just about 600 dogs have been identified in this area and they eat about 1500 kg of food each month. Between this outreach and the work to open a dedicated shelter space, Hanifeoglue is accomplishing a lot. Unfortunately, even while serving this many dogs, there are still more dogs in need. It’s safe to say that with Hanifeoglue’s passion, she will do everything possible to keep going until every last dog is safe and well cared for.


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