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Woman Gets Locked Outside But Dog Comes To The Rescue

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When a woman locked herself outside, she never expected help in a furry form. A woman received the biggest shock ever when her dog helped her out of a pretty rough spot! This story is proof that dogs really are man’s best friend.

Huge Dilemma

Kaylyn Marie was swimming in her pool in the backyard when she had a pretty big problem. The wooden rod she uses to lock her sliding glass door had mysteriously fallen into place.

The poor girl was locked out of her house. Unfortunately for Kaylyn, nobody else would be home for hours. It seemed all was lost…until Kaylyn’s dog, Sam, made an appearance!

A Surprising Rescue

Kaylyn was able to get Sam’s attention, getting him to come near the door. She hoped that, by some great miracle, Sam would be able to move the wood. “I was able to get him to start pawing at the door,” Kaylyn said in the interview. “I honestly didn’t think he’d be able to do it.”

Seeing his beloved owner trapped outside, it’s like Sam knew exactly what to do. He kept pawing away at the piece of wood, attempted to get the door open. Pretty soon, Sam was able to get the wooden rod out, to Kaylyn’s surprise! She was so proud and happy that her dog pal had come through!

Viral Attention

Kaylyn posted a video of the great moment on Facebook. Sam’s smart actions impressed people from literally all over. In fact, the video has now gone viral with over 10 million views!

Kaylyn herself still can’t believe it all herself. “He is very intelligent, I’ll tell you that,” she said of the dog. “I wish I knew what was going on inside that head of his, but all I know is that he was REALLY excited to get the door open.” And, for his great save, Sam got treats and pool time! Definitely well deserved.

Watch the unbelievable rescue below!

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