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Woman Asked To Prove She Isn’t A Robot In Real Life

Proving you are not a robot has become a daily routine when you sign into your online accounts on various websites. You always have to verify that you’re a real adult— checking that little box that proves you aren’t a cyborg.

It makes sense that websites require this important step to stop robots from gathering important information. But, have you ever had to confirm you’re not a robot in real life? This seems like an impossible story, but trust us, it’s true.

Are You A Robot?

Marci Robin never imagined she would ever have to prove she wasn’t a robot, but that was before she decided to buy a new car. As usual, the car dealership required her to sign multiple documents, but one document was especially surprising.

She had to check a box that confirmed she wasn’t a robot. Using a pen, she was required to physically “check off” on paper that she was a real person. Could the dealership see Robin? Couldn’t they tell she was a real person and not a machine?

A Corporate Policy

Robin later determined that this wasn’t a one-time error from the car dealership; it’s a requirement due to a corporate policy.

She posted on Twitter the conversation she shared with the car salesman. She learned that the corporate policy requires the car dealership to replicate everything (yes, everything) one would have to sign or “check off” if they were purchasing a car online.

Because most websites now require individuals to confirm they aren’t robots, the car dealership was forced to print off this additional document for buyers to sign as they purchase their new car.

What The Future Will Look Like

Certainly, one should be able to determine the difference between humans and robots. But, as technology continues to progress, will it become more difficult to distinguish between the two? Will we eventually have to sign more documents confirming we’re humans?

We hope we will always be able to tell the difference between a human and a robotic machine, but you never know what the future holds. Are you ready?

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