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How A Woman Turned An Old Commuter Bus Into Her Dream Home

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Tiny homes are all the rage right now, and Jessie Lipskin of New York was ready for a change in her life. Unable to find an RV that fit her style, she turned to eBay and bought a vintage 1966 GMC bus to convert into a moving apartment of her very own. She left her apartment in the big city and started her dream of living on the open road.

A Vision For A 1966 GMC Bus

When Jesse looked at her new bus, she didn’t see an old commuter bus, she saw a home, so she got to work. She hired a crew to make her vision a reality of turning her worn out bus into a dream apartment. Before she could build it up, she had to tear it down.

Gutting The Bus

The construction crew began by ripping out the whole interior of the bus, including ceiling, seats, and bars. Once everything was out of the way, the contractors started building her new apartment. Jesse started to witness her dream coming to life, but this was only the beginning of a three-year difficult venture.

Building A Dream

After three years of a lot of hard work and innovation, Jesse and her team of contractors turned the shabby old commuter bus into a chic mobile apartment. Her home now has a kitchen, a bedroom, a seating area, and even a reading nook. Jesse could now live her dream of traveling and never leave home to do it.

Finishing Touches

But Jesse wasn’t finished, and no home would be complete without creature comforts and a personal touch. So, Jesse added her own finishing touches like you would to any home. She added candles, pictures, and curtains to the freshly built home and painted the bus before heading out on her new adventures.

Living The Dream

Finding the right people to help her convert her bus was a difficult task, but Jesse never gave up on her dream. After three years and about $70,000, Jesse finally had a home that fit her style and was uniquely her own. As a creative person, she draws inspiration from different places, and now she can do that from the comfort of her own home, thanks to a hard-working crew.

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