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How A Woman Playing Pokemon Go Ended Up With A Best Friend

Ela Okreša Đurić was ready to adopt a dog. For months she visited shelter after shelter but hadn’t connected with just the right dog yet. She hadn’t given up hope, but she was discouraged. Would she ever find the right dog to fill the void in her heart?

A Virtual Distraction

Trying to distract herself from the frustration she was feeling about finding the perfect-for-her dog, Ela headed out with some friends to play Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a mobile game where the players search for pokemon while walking around outside. They could be anywhere.


Ela was having a good time capturing pokemon when she noticed she was being followed by a furry creature.

When You Least Expect It

Ela hadn’t planned to find a dog on her travels in search for pokemon, but there he was. He was dirty, his hair was matted, and he looked exhausted from a life without a home. This furry dog was friendly and attracted to Ela.

Ela Okreša Đurić//Facebook

He followed Ela and her friends while they played their game, and Ela started to grow attached to him. By the end of the day, she decided he was coming home with her.

A Clean Bill Of Health

Ela named the dog Loki and took him to the vet for microchip scanning and a checkup. Loki had no RFID chip, and the vet told Ela he was in great health. It was then it became clear their meeting was meant to be.

Ela Okreša Đurić//Facebook

Loki was the dog she had been looking for all along. Ela says Loki must have been homeless for a long time because it’s been an adjustment being in a house. He’s learning to play, though, and has quickly become part of her family. Now instead of searching for food, Loki is cared for and loved, and Ela has the best friend she’s been looking for.

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