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Woman Posts Photo Of Size 12 Jeans And It Sparks A Heated Airing Of Grievances About Women’s Fashion

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Shopping is supposed to be fun and relaxing. For many, it’s a form of therapy, but shopping can also become stressful when you’re trying to buy clothes in the right size. Sizes vary upon different companies. For example, a size 12 for one brand might be a size 10 for another. On March 8, 2019, Twitter user @chloemmx illustrated the frustrating problem in women’s fashion. Can you relate to this dilemma?

All The Same Size

The Twitter user, Chloe, shared a photo of seven pairs of jeans piled together. They’re all size 12, but they don’t resemble each other. One pair fits her perfectly while it’s impossible for her to wear another pair, but they’re supposed to be the same size.

Chloe commented, “No wonder women feel so insecure. I’ve had size 10 dresses that fit fine, then I’ll try on size 14 jeans that won’t even go past my hips. It’s not right.” She’s demanding change and she’s not the only woman who feels this way.

‘Sizing Is Silly’

Women have begun to notice the growing frustrations in the fashion industry. For example, clothing brands claim different pairs of leggings are allegedly the same size and cut, but that’s not always the case. Instead, women sometimes fit in a size small but can’t fit into a size large. How is that even possible when their bodies aren’t changing?

It doesn’t look like clothing brands are going to listen to women’s requests anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean women are silent about the subject. Instead, they’re echoing Chloe’s argument and voicing their concerns on social media.

Call For Action

It’s not new that women are urging clothing brands to change their sizing standards so women no longer have to feel insecure inside a dressing room. The overall concensus among those who chimed in to the diaologue spurred by Chle’s tweet was that size 12 should be a size 12, no matter what brand of jeans the woman is wearing.

Twitter user @michelleeb said, “I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from a size 8 to a 16— all of which fit me. I cannot figure out what size I am.” Another Twitter user @Jadeelouuisee shared a picture of her shopping experience, saying it was “tragic.”

All told, Chole’s post received about 130K retweets and 300K likes. Sounds like women agree about the absurdity of sizing. So, let’s make it easier for women and standardize clothing sizes. It shouldn’t be rocket science.

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